Tuesday, December 6, 2016

New Year 2017: 5 Brilliant Color Combinations for the Christmas Attire

When choosing a dress for the New Year’s party, pay attention to the color. The favorite of New Year's night, of course, will become shine, symbolizing the prosperity and success. The more gloss there are in the dress, the more successful will be the next year. But with what to wear shiny items of clothing, in order to look stylish, but not vulgar? Firstly, never mix silver and gold in the same outfit. Secondly, pay attention to the harmonious combination. One outfit should not contain more than three additional colors. Which ones? See 5 brilliant ideas for the New Year’s party.

Lady in Black

Shiny clothes, in combination with the black color, acquire elegance. This color signifies strength. Those who have already achieved success, black color, reinforced with shiny accessories will bring even more luck in the coming Year. However, be careful: the less successful you have been in the past year, the less black should be in your dress - otherwise, it will absorb your success.

Beautiful in Red

Did you know that the red color is a symbol of not only love but also of a woman's beauty, laughter, and joy? Complementing shiny things with red in the New Year’s party, in addition to luck you attract into your life fun, holidays, new friends and an unforgettable love.

New Year's party in gentle shades

Amazingly beautiful combinations give shine in harmony with delicate shades and airy fabrics. Elegant hairstyle will be a great completion of the New Year image.

Wine color of luxury

Exciting colors are very popular because they enhance the value of the gloss in the coming year, bringing the career success and good fortune in money matters. And how gorgeous these outfits look!

New Year's color of your mood

If none of the above-mentioned you did not like, you can choose any color for the New Year’s party, corresponding to your mood: royal blue, the trendy color of a blooming orchid, cheerful orange or snow white with a white thread of black pearls. You can choose seductive shorts or floor-length dress. Try something new and let a lot of good changes happen in your life in the coming year!
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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Dresses for Teenagers

Fashion for teens can be characterized by a few words: stylish, bold, bright and self-affirming. Here could be seen a mixture of styles, trends, mixing of colors and textures. But do not believe that the impact from the outside cannot be applied to it.  Events, ranging from trends in society till jeans that are very well cut by a friend influence the teen fashion.

Trends in teen fashion
One of the leading teen fashion trends is the victorious return of the dress. Especially popular are among girls beautiful dresses in the style of the 1960s. They are characterized by a free cut and volume sleeves. Do not back down the mini-length and skin-tight silhouette. Such outfits perfectly emphasize the slender body shape and beautiful legs. The main innovation note is the color. The combination of bright and pastel colors that are not mixed in print create an impression of a set, a jacket, and a fluffy skirt . Speaking of color, it is possible to note the predominance of neon, blurry and bright colors.

Guipure dress returned in youth fashion once again. All the designers used at least once this material in their collections. But fastidious fabric requires the presence of immaculate taste. It is able both to decorate the dress and to turn it into the vulgar one. Classic clothes for girls is still the perfect variant: pastel colors with a few additions or insertions of black guipure. To dress up a teen nicely and smartly is a difficult task, and the reason is not in short supply of clothing for teenagers. They just do not need what their parents choose. To facilitate such a mission it is necessary to instill good taste since childhood. It is obligatory to set an example, showing how to dress to look beautiful and fashionable in any situation.

Which styles to wear?
A girl grows up and should be encouraged in her desire to look attractive and stylish. The essential difference between the mother and the daughter does not allow to impose the adult style. The sweater dress is a perfect variant, allowing many variations of wearing both fashionable shoes and bijouterie. Concise A-line dress will surely be in demand at a teenager's wardrobe. It can be combined with boleros, jackets, and cardigans. Sleeveless dresses allow wearing shirts , turtlenecks, and blouses under such dresses. Especially it is important when the fall is coming. For everyday wear, there would be suitable short one-color dress. Very good velvet, but it is necessary to select outfits only of a simple style, taking into account the age of the owner. A material must be chosen of cotton warp. For the summer time, natural cotton or air organza will be a very good choice.

How to choose an evening dress teenage girl?
Teenagers do not like when they are being imposed. And, perhaps, the girl does not wear dresses, not because she does not like them, but she just wants to choose herself. Before choosing an outfit for special occasions, it is necessary to start with everyday dresses. It is necessary to choose a versatile outfit that is a little below the knee, with a deep neckline. Teenagers like such dresses. It is good that the colors of clothes allow selecting any shade. Light summer dresses or dresses with appliqués and embroideries are very advantageous. A combination of different colors, materials and prints look good.

Dress length can be both short and long. As usual style dresses for teenage girls are of a simple cut, but if the customer has expressed a desire to purchase a dress of a difficult cut, why would not try it on before to convince your daughter to the contrary? It may turn out to be that with the right style approach it would not be so difficult. Curvy or light and flowing dresses look very nice. The selection of an elegant dress for a celebration will be easy. A short dress with a tight fitting bodice with thin straps or strapless, with a lush skirt, gathered in the form of a flower looks very advantageous on a girl.

Dresses of the 1950s look beautiful, with loosened skirts decorated with elegant ribbons or colorful belts in the waistline. Sometimes appropriate ball or long or floor-length dresses . They allow a teenage girl feel like a princess who is going to the ball. Teenage girls know almost everything about fashion trends and models, they are well versed in fashion and clothing choices for a girl should not take place without her. Only this way you will be able to dress your daughter stylish and beautiful, and mother will learn more about the world of youth fashion.

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