Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Choosing an elegant dress

So, you're having some special occasion – high school graduation, your friend's wedding, or a corporate party, and you don't have an appropriate dress in your wardrobe. No problem! Luckily the choice of such products is quite wide and varied. But how not to get lost among the great variety of dresses to choose the dress, that will make men draw attention and women to jealous?

What kind of meaning does an elegant dress have?

Such a gown has been popular during all times and epochs. Back in Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome, Egypt, a dress was an irreplaceable clothes element of both men and women. In process of time this article of clothing became only a women's apparel. It has modified and developed, and began to appear a model for secular outlets except for the daily gowns, which took pedestal in wardrobe of young girls and women.
Gaston Worth, son of Charles Frederic Worth, who became the founder of haute couture once said, that practical everyday clothes is like a "garnish" for the main dish, and luxurious dresses for evening outs and receptions are truffles. Such a comparison isn't occasional, as evening dress is able to make an ordinary girl into a beautiful princess, who conquers many views.

A well-chosen dress – half the battle

Light dress for summer corporate party
To attract the admiring glances of others, you need to choose a dress very carefully. Wrong-chosen gown can look like very absurdly. It is better to take your best friend or your mom to go shopping – in such a way the purchase will be much more pleasant. And your close person when you're trying next dress can see with a naked eye, what suits you, and what does not.

Except for the faithful advisor when choosing a dress you have to have some notions about the rules of selection, existing in the fashion world.

1. Body type.
First of all it is important to take into account your body type. The dress should fit perfectly, to be, as it were poured in. for example, if you are the owner of the A-body silhouette type – large hips and narrow shoulders – you'll perfectly fit an empire style dress. Its main features – empire waist, wide trapezoidal skirt and lots of draperies. And as for the hourglass body type will suit practically all the gowns. You can choose both form-fitted dress, and gown with flared bottom. A successful variant is a model, which makes an emphasis on waist with the help of original belt. 

2. Color is very important.
You cannot choose it randomly. You cannot also choose a dress of a certain color only because it is popular now. It is very important to take into account your skin tone and hair color. If you have light skin, you'll perfectly suit a dress that would contrast your skin tone. It can be a dress of dark tint: deep dark blue, burgundy color, or green. And as for the dark skin, it combines perfectly with a dress of bright color. They can be yellow, turquoise, blue, red, or purple. Don't forget about the appropriate makeup. The two main rules: a bright dress combines with restrained shades color, and quite the opposite:  there is an emphasis on your eyes or on your lips – you'll have to choose.
Don't overlook the classics: black, red and golden color. Dresses made of any mentioned color schemes would look very attractively on any of the fair sex.
3. The occasion.
A gown which you are intending to wear has to correspond maximally the surroundings, where you are
A perfect variant for a friend's wedding
planning to be. For example, if you are invited to the wedding of a friend of yours, and you've chosen a white dress – this can not only to confuse other guests, but also to overshadow the bride herself. In this case, it is better to prefer a simpler elegant dress. Or to ask your friend, what will be the wedding style and what model and color of the dress would be relevant. Choice of a dress for the corporate party would depend on the company status, corporate ethics and format of the evening. As a summer variant it could be a dress with flower prints, and for winter or autumn it is better to choose cocktail dress of bright color. Remember, no matter how beautiful the dress you've chosen, if it would be improperly – you'll leave bad impression in the surrounding.
To purchase any gown isn't complicate nowadays, because there lots of them in the shops. But not every woman wants to spend precious minutes for running from one boutique to another. In this case the excellent helper would be http://parisdress.com/. Even staying at home on the couch with a laptop, you can find a perfect product. Here you can to choose for order a wide range of elegant women dresses of different colors. Such a variant is also suitable for girls who often visits secular parties and need a wide choice.

You'll look just gorgeous at a festive event having made your choice correctly.

Friday, August 26, 2016

How to choose a dress. Tips for slender girls

Short height

If you are slender and of short height, you are very lucky dresses with empire waist make you more beautiful than your tall girl-friends.

Again, the vertical stripes help us. They make your body visually longer. The maxi length is also your specialty.

You can add your image with long scarves and necklaces, small or medium accessories also suit you. By the way, the fabric pattern shouldn't be large.

Tall height

If you are slender and of tall height, it is possible to balance everything with the help of a well-chosen dress. Refuse tight, form-fitting dresses; it is better to choose dresses with low waist. Dresses made of textured, printed fabrics, for example, jacquard, boucle would look nice with you body type.

You can wear bright large prints and contrast colors.

Another advantage of your body is that you can wear popular models of dresses, decorated with collars, ruches, flounces, and so forth.

It is desirable to choose knee boots; heel height should be no higher than the average, though more preferably short heels, or even flat shoes.

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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Prints on clothing. Terms of combinations of patterns

Floral patterns

Floral patterns are of the most universal ones. They can be combined with stripes or other geometric patterns, including polka dots. Of course, these are experiments for the most trendy and courageous. For those, who aren't so resolute, it is better to choose more neutral palette – clothes with matching colors or solid colors. In any case it is necessary to remember that there are should be the one dominant print, and all the others should support it. Neither should be combined at the same image flowers of the same size - only small or only large ones. In the first case there is a feeling of unnecessary fractionality, and in the second case – the flowers will "fight" each other.

Colored polka dots

Traditionally it is considered to be that one cannot combine several things with polka dots of different size and color. In general it is true, if we are not talking about the companion-fabric, which was created by a professional. So, if you feel like a designer, go for it! But remember the basic rules, according to which the polka-dots although is already a classic, it draws attention to itself. That's why, it would be better to have one thing with polka dots – a blouse, a skirt or a dress. And remember, that this is one of the most feminine prints. It is at the peak of popularity again! By the way, the large polka dots usually make your body fuller visually, and small polka dots – quite the opposite – makes slimmer visually.


Combine stripes with polka dots or other geometric ornament, then you'll have the reputation of the most stylish girl of an excellent taste! You can see even bolder combinations – both stripes, and polka dots, and flowers at the same time. But believe me, it is a designers' jewelry work, where everything is calibrated to the details. Is it worth to complicate your life in such a way? Maybe, it is better to choose clothes with colored stripes stuff that matches one of the colors of the pattern. Well, then, that the vertical stripes pulls the silhouette and makes it elegant, even schoolchildren know it.


The basic rule: never combine beast ornament both with others ornaments, and together. But, as we know, rules exist in order to be broken. To begin with, some fashion charter. Beast patterns are: stripes (tiger and zebra), snake, predatory spots – leopard and giraffe. For different combinations perfectly suit leopard, tiger and zebra. It is important to take into account one more thing – the beast print shouldn't prevail at your outfit. Let them be some leopard insets, or "snake" dress sleeves. It is recommended to pay attention to the accessories with beast print; they can be bags, shoes, or even bijouterie. Moreover, these accessories can completely distract from the overall image and not to match in clothes color.

Playing the contrast

Contrast combinations always look very brightly and surprisingly – black and beige, dark-blue and white… Yeah, these are color strict limits. On the other hand it is allowed a lot when using prints – stripes, polka dots, flowers. Such an image would always be elegant and unrepeatable. Combine ornaments of different size: small with large, dense with more lighter. And the main thing – don't be afraid to experiment. After all, the line between the podium and the real life is slowly blurred.

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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Typical mistakes when choosing a wedding dress

It seemed, that there is nothing more exciting and beautiful for the bride-to-be than a choice of dress, which she had dreamt since her childhood.  Practice also shows the opposite. The approach to the choice may be unwise and then it turns to the bride-to-be with a disappointment. There will be no taste or style details tips. It's about how not to avoid traps in the elementary points that many people forget or simply do not take into account, due to the lack of experience in buying dresses in the wedding salon.

Choose the right time

Girls who postpone the wedding dress purchasing at the last moment, and women who prefer to purchase a wedding gown long before the celebration, they find themselves at a distinct disadvantage.
Had been chosen and purchased a dress many months before the upcoming wedding, the bride-to-be is confident. The dress accentuates her body perfectly, it corresponds to the ideas of the future wife, and of her own way to the wedding, and it is already bought. Substantive preparations begin within a few months. They discuss the wedding venue, design nuances and here it turns out that the concept of the event and of the dress does not fit together.
Wedding dress purchasing at the last moment makes the bride-to-be pretty nervous. Despite the abundance of gowns, to find your own is not always fast. In addition, the desired gown can sit on the body not perfectly, as it is necessary for the bride-to-be and there hasn't left any time to fit everything.
The perfect moment for the wedding dress purchasing is a period, when the total concept of the official part is known, and you approximately imagine in what style will be formed everything. Then you can start search for wedding dresses that will fit your body and the style of the event.

The price

Holding a wedding requires a budget. The amounts of money that couples can afford for the organization and holding the celebration can be various. A part of funds is allocated for the dress purchasing to the bride-to-be. The abundance of offerings on the market of wedding and evening dresses allows you to select interesting models in each of the price ranges. There are great variations of dresses from democratic brands till high-end brands at the web-site http://parisdress.com/
Keep in mind that the bride's dress - it's not just the dress. It is also accessories, jewelry, shoes, and underwear. Carefully calculate what funds for each of the positions you can spend.
The bride by coming to the salon must specify the scope of the budget at once. Sellers will necessarily take it into account and offer variations of dresses that fall within in the limited scope. Try to avoid trying on dresses that you cannot afford. After them, along dresses with modest price tags may seem faded. The process of selection and trying on, as well as the impossibility of buying the dress, which looks better, as a result will disappoint you.

A wedding dress sizes

When you buy the wedding dress, there is one simple and immutable rule: you should buy a dress of your size. But don't look at the size charts at the wedding dresses manufacturers. Traditionally, they have another principle of marking and curves that differ for one or two points from ordinary clothes.
Some young women, worrying about their body, buy their usual size of a dress and start a rigid diet. That's wrong. You should choose, focusing on how a dress fits your body. In this case, the numbers on the label are not important.

Trying on peculiarities

Girls since childhood had imaged a perfect dress, in which they will go to the altar, they are looking for it on the eve of it celebration, ignoring other styles. Don’t do like this. Sometimes submissions are different from the reality, and a dress silhouette that you loved so much, would be OK, but it won't emphasize the body that much profitable, as it will make other models. Even if you really want a particular dress style, allow yourself to try on at least a couple of other options.
However, try not to overdo with trying on. Trying to assess in one day more than 10 models of dresses will turn complication of choice. All the variants will merge together.
Before buying a wedding dress, be sure to consider all the details of the selection and avoid the common mistakes that your view of the wedding would lead to your enjoyment. http://parisdress.com/ managers will always help to determine the image and pick up the best options for trying on!

Friday, August 19, 2016

Tarik Ediz – unsurpassed Turkish designer

Tarik Ediz is a worldwide famous designer, who specializes women evening and wedding fashion.

The Production

The company was founded in 1987 and now it is represented in 5 continents and more than in 80 countries worldwide.

Dresses are handmade by experienced craftsmen. They combine feminine elegance, filled with sexual sensuality, and haute couture sophistication.

Designer Tarik Ediz, the owner of the fashion house, supervises personally the process of manufacturing of the dresses, to guarantee the finest quality of each product, which is produced under his brand.

Unsurpassed couturier, he considers that the creation of costumes for women is not only his vocation, but also the sense of his life: "What could be better, than to give women happiness?"

His Dresses
Blue dress decorated with jewels

Luxury dresses which Tarik Ediz creates became the synonyms of femininity and elegance. Decorated with a scattering of jewels and refined embroidery, his dresses look like true works of art. Celebrities and secular people are among his fans. Elegant dresses are very popular among Hollywood actresses and music stars. You can always buy evening dresses and to be sure of their quality.

Dresses of wedding collections deserve especial attention. Though a great variety of choices, it is very difficult to buy a dress with a perfect cut, which emphasizes all the advantages of the body. Luckily, Tarik Ediz creates fabulous and diverse wedding collections taking into account preferences of the most demanding girls.

These festive dresses are famous with their unsurpassed elegance and are synonyms to luxury and charm. Become a star of the evening in the luxury dress from Tarik Ediz.

The web-site http://parisdress.com/ offers a great variety of dresses from Tarik Ediz.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Tips for plump girls when choosing a dress

How to hide your belly

If you are mostly upset with your belly, then choose dresses made of matte monochromatic fabric. Never use tinsels and shiny fabric. Your dress does not have to be black. You have to be careful with this color, by the way. Black color does not reflect the light; it does not hide, but quite the opposite, it highlights disadvantages. So if you want little black dress, choose the model that defines the contour of your body, but not repeats it in detail.
Black and white lace dress

By the way, if you have not only just plump belly, but also you are not very tall – there is a solution too. Your variant is brown or caramel dress. This color visually makes your body longer.

Clear contrast insets or prints also can conceal your belly.

Large breasts

Women have different attitudes to large breasts. Someone believes that this is a God's gift, someone feels shy, and choose models of dresses that hide their charms.

If you want to attract attention in your new gown, then choose plaid fabric, layering (for example, dresses with bolero or cape), decollete, horizontal seams on the chest ledge, and so on.

If you want to conceal this part of your body, you can choose dresses with no low neck (but there is no need to choose a dress with a collar till throat, especially, if you have double chin or your neck is short).

Full hips

Pear-shaped body, which is characterized by full hips - also has a variety of solutions. Briefly, they can be characterized as "white top, black bottom".
That is, the top of the dress should be lighter than the bottom. Appropriate color palette – from white through blue to dark blue, etc.
Dark blue dress with empire waist

Smoothly flowing and streaming fabrics would be very nice. Again to vertical stripes - they make you slimmer. 

Pockets are allowed only in the side seams, no patch-pockets. The best length is knee-length.

Top of the dress should be lighter, it can be abundantly decorated, for example, with bright accessories, while, skirt should be as smooth as possible and simple.

A wide range of dresses for plump girls can be found on the web-site: http://parisdress.com/

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Fashionable evening dresses

Designers always love to create evening dresses. These dresses reveal new ideas and designers' own fantasies. And fashion girls are so looking forward for them.
These gowns allow escape from the bustle of everyday life, to feel, if not the queen, but the princess of the festive evening. It is necessary to figure out what will be the most fashionable evening dresses?


Responding to major trends of the season, evening dresses line, represented on the http://parisdress.com/ web-site is full of vibrant, richly decorated and at the same time, elegant dresses. This season, there are models on the catwalks that reflect the essence of womanhood - gentleness, delicacy and mystery.

There are more than enough reasons to put on a gorgeous evening dress. Girls and women always choose evening dresses very thoroughly and with a special predilection. A great variety of models of the evening dresses represented on the web-site, startles with its magnificence and diversity.

To celebrate the New Year wearing evening dress of one of the emblematic color – it means to gain success. The whole range of warm saturated colors presented on the evening of winter clothes - a characteristic feature of the models this season. They give outfits solemnity and grandeur, especially when combined with fine fabrics that are relevant to these models.


Natural silk, chiffon, crepe de chine, satin and velvet – such a choice was made by designers' dresses for winter.

Styles shown on the catwalks, strike with their variety, but there is one thing in common: fashionable evening dresses are intended to demonstrate the figure in the best light. So, choosing a style, you need to focus on yourself in the first place.

Win-win options, acutely fashionable this season - models with bare shoulders in floor length draperies with complex or using multi-layer effect.