Monday, October 17, 2016

Five Сomponents of the Stylish Image

So, for your image to look stylish, you must pay attention to the following five important points.

1. Type of appearance
The Internet is full of various information how to determine your type of appearance and advice, what colors to choose for each type of appearance.

I will try briefly and clearly to explain why it is necessary and why it is important to create an attractive and stylish image. Knowing your type of appearance will help you look fresh and healthy, while errors in this matter can make visually your face pale, sick and even dirty. The tone of the skin must be supported by appropriate tones in clothing.

How to determine the type of appearance, without entangling in "seasons".

Various methods for determining the type of appearance suggest their seasonal division: fall, winter, spring, summer - and some of the subspecies of the seasons ("Soft Fall" and the like). Thoughts are in a whirl for a person who is not associated with the fashion world, from these variants.

There is more convenient and efficient method of analysis of types of appearance - only two criteria:
1. Contrast ratio,
2. The skin tone "temperature".

All you need to determine is whether you are a contrasting, bright type or not, and warm or cold shade in your skin. It is for these criteria choose the wardrobe items that you would wear close to the face.

That is, for people with bright faces will suit bright colors in clothes and active patterns, and for dim ones - plain and quiet things.

 Warm shades are those in which there is a yellow color, cold ones - those in which there is a blue color.

2. Type of figures and faces
For women, it is important to strive for the ideal in everything, especially in their appearance. If we talk about the ideal shape of the face and the perfect body, then they are considered to be an oval face shape and "hourglass" body type. This does not mean that the owners of other forms are unattractive, however, for those who aspire to the standard, should know the rules of "stylish" geometry, and choose the appropriate wardrobe for themselves.

Here are the basic rules:
1) All types of figures should emphasize the waist, as it is the primary attribute of femininity and it will make body attractive with any volume;
2) To correct the body disadvantages it is necessary to use the rule of opposites: for "triangle" body to choose to clothe with a silhouette of "inverted triangle" and vice versa;
3) Same with the face shape: for the round face pick the square and V-neck, for the square – round neckline, etc.
4) The use of accents to attract attention - place the emphasis on the most beautiful part of your body;
5) The use of accents for distraction - place the emphasis away from the place that you are unsatisfied;
6) In order to increase height and leg length - create sets in one chromaticity - top and bottom of the same color, shoes, and tights or pants of the same color and so on.

3. Style
The most important thing in a stylish way, of course, is personality. You should decide on your favorite styles, examine them and create sets in these styles, or create deliberate sets of clothes and accessories of different styles.

The key word here is "thoughtful". It is notable from a distance, whether the girl had dressed, choosing things carefully and thoroughly to create a certain image, or "pulled on" that came to hand without going into details. Both sets consist of different styles, but one of them is stylish, and the other - a slattern.

Do not forget that jewelry, shoes, accessories and even hairstyles, too, has its own style, and it should suit to your overall style and image.

4. Age
The age should be noted separately. Many people forget that stylish teenager outfit does not make a 40-years old woman stylish. To every age - its belongings and its "highlights". For a teenage girl, it can be shoelaces of neon colors or denim mini-skirt, and for forty-year-old women - elegant brooch or a silk scarf.

Do not try to look older or younger, dress in accordance to your age - and your images will look harmoniously and with dignity.

5. Event
Do not ignore the rules of etiquette or manners adopted in the society where you live. They may differ in different countries, but the essence is the same: dress accordingly the season, time of day, event, rules of etiquette and dress code. Style and personality should not go into outrageous. Let them pay attention to you as the best, and not as a strange one or rude.

For the celebration (wedding, opera, New Year, etc.) dress smartly, for mourning – funeral appearance, to work - a business dress code, sexy outfits - for nightlife, summer clothes - for the summer, winter - in the winter.

You can often see strange sets when the girl is in winter fur boots, black tights, and light denim miniskirt. And seems like everything is good, and the colors are fine - but still looks awful!
Equally, it is unpleasant to see at the opera or theater people in jeans or sneakers.
In general, do not forget where you are going to!

In conclusion, let me remind you that even the most stylish set, it is necessary to support with the decorations, accessories, makeup, hair, manicure and pedicure. Tights and underwear select very carefully. Attach importance to every detail, learn from professionals but analyze before you copy someone else's "good" set. Do not lose your individuality and do not be afraid to experiment!

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  1. Great tips!!
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