Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Interesting Facts about Fashion

Fashion has been with us in one or another form for a long time. It is interesting to look back through the history of how the fashion has changed. While many may think the fashion is far-fetched, however, the fashion is really a mirror of what our society wants, at any given time. Here are some strange, little known and interesting facts about fashion:

The function of buttons on the sleeves
Have you ever wondered why there are buttons at the ends of the sleeves on the jacket? According to the information handed across the generations, Napoleon Bonaparte ordered that the buttons were attached to the sleeves of jackets in order to stop the habit of the soldiers to use the sleeves as handkerchief during a cold in the head.

What makes a thing vintage?
Clothing is considered as vintage if it dates from 1920 to 1960 years. After this date, the thing is considered to be retro, not vintage.

The invention of bra
The bra was created by a young secular New Yorker Mary Phelps, who was tired to hide chest when she wore a lace blouse. Using scarves, she developed the first bra that was eventually patented in 1914. Women around the world have begun to use the new design of Mary and the first bra began its big way. Later, a woman named Ida Rosenthal started to develop bras with different cup sizes.

History of the skirt
Did you know that the skirt is the second oldest garment in the history? In Egyptian times, the skirt had been worn by both men and women.

The invention of Tanga panties
Tanga has an interesting history. They were invented after the mayor of New York was furious that the city dancers were naked while dancing. Tanga panties were designed to cover the naked body to calm down the mayor.

The invention of Capri (Bermuda pants)
Back in the 1930s, women in Bermuda were forbidden to show their thighs in public places. Female visitors and locals wanted to wear shorts, so they just increased the length of their shorts to the knee to cover their hips.

These are just some of the many interesting facts about fashion that helped shape our culture and sense of style. No matter where the history will lead us, fashion will always be the part of us.

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  1. What interesting facts!!
    It's true that fashion will always be around since we all have to get dressed each and every day!! Thank goodness! :)