Wednesday, November 9, 2016

High Heels is a Real Art

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Women’s gait - how much songs have been sung and stories have been written about it. Wearing high heels with short cocktail dresses can help your legs look stunning. Men pay attention to how a woman walks. The gait can show how much you are feminine and elegant. High heels, like nothing else, will create the perfect gait.

But, unfortunately, few women know how to walk really good on high heels. Usually, from the outside, it looks sadly and funny. When you see these women, you feel sorry, and you almost feel yourself the pain of torment: half-bent legs, torso tilted forward, sadness in their eyes ...

But there are some simple tips that will help you not only to stand confidently on high heels but to walk easily.

Do not just stand on 4-inch stiletto heels. In the shop, during the trying on, they may seem comfortable, where you will make a couple of steps on a smooth floor, but in life, when you are in a hurry to work on the broken asphalt, you are unlikely to look like a model on the catwalk.

It is necessary to begin your learning from small broad heels, eventually increasing the height. Also, do not wear heels all day long. Take them to work, where there is a flat floor, and you can always change your shoes or just sit and relax.

First, it is necessary to walk slowly and to make small steps. So you will get used to new feelings and height. It will also be easier for you to focus on the fact that your knees are straight, not bent, otherwise your gait would be far from ideal.

Try to shift the weight from heel to toe. There is no need to put a toe first of all to the floor, or to put both the toe and heel. It also looks ugly. To begin with, start walking in a straight line and then learn to turn and walking up the stairs.

Having learned walking on high heels at the office, you can eventually make small trips on short distances, for example, to the shop. You will not have time to get tired, and you will not feel pain in the legs, but you will quickly get used to high heels.

Also, you should choose high-quality shoes with good stable and comfortable heel. Otherwise, you can get not only a night nightmare pain of your tired legs but also serious diseases of your back and legs.

High heels can not only turn a woman into a real model but also make her look ridiculous. Walking in high heels is an art – it requires learning study and seriously enough treating.

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  1. Oh, you are so right. Being able to walk correctly in heels, can make all the difference in how we look! All it takes is practice, practice, practice!! (And some good core strength)

    1. Thank you so much for commenting! I appreciate you are of the same mind as I am

  2. Hahaha!! I remember all too clearly my first pair of heels, a conservative 1.5", and I almost fell flat on my face, in church, no less. These days, anything less than 4.75" simply will not suffice :) takes loads of practice, a few bunions, well developed foot/arch muscles (thank you, cardio) and a core of steel GRIN

    1. Yeah, agree with you! Everything needs a lot of practice, especially, walking on highheels :)