Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Elegant Evening Dresses. Style Secrets

At least one effective, and at the same time, the perfect dress should be in every woman's wardrobe. That’s how the precepts of designers sounded in the days when our grandmothers were young. Today, such an aim does not fit the canons of good style – there should be many trendy evening dresses.

To be exact that much to look stylish at various events. Modern elegance rules are very demanding for the outfits for secular goings out - to be too smart today is considered to be a bad form.

Long evening dresses, despite the sophistication and beauty, will be absolutely appropriate only at solemn, luxuriously furnished events. But at corporate parties, even in the most expensive restaurant, and even, unfortunately, at the theater, they will look too smart.

Therefore, the cocktail and avant-garde short evening dresses should definitely be included into your wardrobe. And by all means, to listen to historical and fashionable precept and to provide yourself at least one model that meets all the requirements of the elegant social events.

This season, designers have posed a really big problem - the choice is huge. But if in the everyday images the items are selected in accordance with the certain style, the outfits to go out just are an occasion to experiment.

Model with a tutu skirt or a form-fitting mini, embroidered with sequins, will create the intrigue in the form of the strictest connoisseur of the classics. A lover of the practical casual outfit will appear in the image of a real princess in the "maxi" length dress with flying chiffon hem. To create a festive mood for yourself, and to help to feel the originality of the moment the most relevant models of this season are designed to.
An important detail! Each of these models sets the tone of the image. Regardless the style of the image of this season is fashionable to bring to the crystal perfection - "to finish" it with the accessories and supplements. Having chosen a classic model, support it with genuine exclusive jewelry. Let it will be only a tiny earrings - but with original diamonds. Not these? Add your hair style with natural flowers - and you will successfully embody the image of a true princess.

But in the case of the avant-garde outfits the great addition can become an author-designer bijouterie. The same principle and with the selection of shoes, for example, in the Greek style model will perfectly complement the "gilded" sandals rather than the ceremonial stilettos. The main criterion is to support the image!

And remember, the most beautiful evening dresses are designed to demonstrate your personality, to reveal it around new faces. But the main thing - to give a holiday to you personally!...

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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Fashionable Evening Dresses of 2017: Photos, Ideas, Styles

Today the pace of life is so intense that women often have no time to change before the parties or other events. This makes the evening dresses... even more desirable and popular. Shining in the light of lamps or candles the cloud of noble tissues becomes something of a dream. So, today I want you to have a tour of the dreams, or rather of fashionable evening dresses of 2017.

Styles of evening dresses

There is no such a style that would not be represented on the podium. In this light, fashionable evening dresses of 2017 are particularly attractive: whatever character you may possess, for whatever purpose or look outfit – you will definitely find the dress.

Long evening dresses of 2017 are and the models that are called the "ball", and the elegant, elongated silhouette with mermaid skirt, and asymmetrical lines, opening legs. This year, the actual deep cut on one side. It will be easy to find an evening dress with long sleeves. Delicate and slightly stricter, it will conquer those who are used to keep a distance.

Short evening dresses 2017 tend to be a straight silhouette, which at times diluted organic cascades. If you like the master like those in Paris Dress dresses that are slightly reminiscent of T-shirts (the surprise is that while it every year is a model in the spirit of Art Nouveau), rest your gaze at the collections of designers from Paris Dress.

Color variations

What color dresses are fashionable in 2017? Any, if there would be enough depth to enjoy the shades. Wine, carmine, blue, gold, turquoise, and emerald is extremely relevant will make the evening event a little like a flock of butterflies. Traditional colors: white and black, of course, do not leave the fashion world, but they will appear only in combinations. Monochromatic white or black dress - not where 2017 is rich. Rather, it will be embroidered form-fitted dress or shimmering midi. It is possible and to throw them together.


From impressions of beautiful evening dresses of 2017 literally, there was spread the radiance - so popular fabric with glitter. Relevant are both soft satin tint and numerous metallic shades. And 2017 is exactly the period of time when it is necessary to find for you a short dress made of dense lace. However, long lace dresses are also a common phenomenon.


Elegant evening dresses of 2017 are impossible to imagine without embroidery and sequins. Feathers and their imitation are in honor. Some peoples say that the birds have a peculiar magic, which makes their wings much more fascinating than the fur. Plus evidence in his favor will be the stylish evening dresses of 2017 from Paris Dress. For several seasons year by year, there were preserved three-dimensional fashion jewelry and volume cut.

Instead of a conclusion

If to take a superficial glance at models of evening dresses of 2017, it is evident that the main trend of the season is a rich duo of body and fabric. Not so important, whether it is embodied in the form of fully open shoulders or a sharp touch of lace surrounded by satin fabrics. The main thing is that this combination is fascinating and makes every little thing the small holiday of the day.

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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

The Rules of Selection a Dress for a New Year’s Party

You should pay attention not only to the features of your body shape when choosing an evening dress for yourself. There are a number of nuances that can help in finding the perfect dress.

I selected for you a list of tips, following which, it is easy to become the queen of New Year's Eve Party:

1. The choice of dress starts from the format of the upcoming event. Evening dress is traditionally represented in a maxi length, but it is suitable not for every girl and appropriate not for every occasion. Dress Length should be in harmony with your constitution - this is the first. And the second - it depends on the venue of the celebration. For club party, it would be good to wear a cocktail dress instead of a long evening dress, which looks great, though but still brings tightness in the movements.

2. Do not choose pantsuits, even if in real life you do not recognize other clothing. Surprise surrounding with your new image filled entirely with new to you emotions. If you are not willing to put on a bold and even sexy dress, then there are plenty of romantic, sweet and feminine models.

3. Do not chase fashion trends. The first thing that must be taken into account is the features specific to your type of body shape.

4. The game of contrasts and variety of unusual colors often gives the most unpredictable and surprising results. Carefully examine your type of appearance - it will help to pick the color of the clothes regarding your hair color or eye color.

5. Observe restraint in creating the overall image and remember the sense of proportion. A bold and eccentric outfit should mitigate the more modest hairstyle, jewelry, and at least a plain makeup. For example, if your choice is a stunning and beautiful dress of noble red wine color, it will look good modestly hair styling and not a defiant makeup created from the general tone of your image.

Color and style

Length and style give the gown the great opportunities; this also applies to the color of your New Year’s evening dress. Both bright prints, and single colored model, the main thing is that the outfit to be to your liking.

No matter what anyone can say, but minimalism will never be out of fashion, including the evening fashion. These dresses can even be called universal when it comes to the selection of accessories.

Even the choice of material has no special requirements and there are no severe restrictions. Moreover, it is very fashionable to combine different texture of materials in one outfit. The most striking example is the satin and lace, and if they are different not only in texture but in color.

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Monday, November 21, 2016

Why It Is Better to Buy Only Branded Clothes

Today, the online stores offer a real branded item of clothing at almost the same price that the street market for mass consumer goods charges.

About the advantages of brand clothing as compared to mass consumer goods

Recently, by chance after visiting one of the markets, I was surprised to find there a huge number of people who went from stall to stall, choosing clothes or shoes for themselves. What are they looking for there? I came closer to one of the stalls, looked at the jacket the sticking out in all directions threads, the stitches are curved, half of the jacket whether because of rain or because of the sun is burnt, it had lost the color. But the price the seller has charged that much, when at the online store, you can buy a very good high-quality item of some famous brand that will surpass all positions the mass consumer goods is not clear where it was made and what is it made of.

After all, the brand is: 

The quality! Do I have to explain it? The item of high quality is very nice to wear, it excites the person’s positive emotions. Are you satisfied with himself and his clothes, put on her happy, and that's it?

The appearance. Never fake will not look like the real thing. A good jacket and a year later, and the two should look like so that it could go both to the high reception, and just work. And where to go wearing the lumber from the nearest market? If only to buy mushrooms, but you’ll get wet or blown through.

The recognition! The branded item is always profitable highlighted the person at the crowd and even without examining it closely it is possible to say that these clothes are from the famous Manufacturer. The color, design, tailoring – everything of the top level!

The status! Everyone wants to be recognized and respected in his circle, and on clothes, you know, make the man. Clothes and shoes emphasize your status, your success, and social status.

So why do you go to the market? A friend of mine says that it is cheaper on the market. I can buy a thing there, and if it loses its attraction to me, I can throw it away. But sticking threads I can cut. I do not understand, and here’s why...

We are not that rich to buy cheap things

The English have a wonderful proverb that quickly became popular all over the world - "we are not that rich to buy cheap things."  Items of high quality will last for a longer period of time and will look better than the mass consumer goods. And I am glad that more and more people are beginning to abandon the clothes and shoes that are sold in markets and bazaars, preferring to buy reliable brands in online and manufacturers' stores. The reason is the manufacturers of quality goods are doing everything to make their products were available at the price of the widest possible range of customers. And e-commerce development leads also to the fact that we can order clothes and shoes virtually from anywhere in the world, for example, in already mentioned England. Famous brands you can buy now through the Internet at much lower prices, often two to three times cheaper than it costs in ordinary shops.

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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Interesting Facts about Fashion

Fashion has been with us in one or another form for a long time. It is interesting to look back through the history of how the fashion has changed. While many may think the fashion is far-fetched, however, the fashion is really a mirror of what our society wants, at any given time. Here are some strange, little known and interesting facts about fashion:

The function of buttons on the sleeves
Have you ever wondered why there are buttons at the ends of the sleeves on the jacket? According to the information handed across the generations, Napoleon Bonaparte ordered that the buttons were attached to the sleeves of jackets in order to stop the habit of the soldiers to use the sleeves as handkerchief during a cold in the head.

What makes a thing vintage?
Clothing is considered as vintage if it dates from 1920 to 1960 years. After this date, the thing is considered to be retro, not vintage.

The invention of bra
The bra was created by a young secular New Yorker Mary Phelps, who was tired to hide chest when she wore a lace blouse. Using scarves, she developed the first bra that was eventually patented in 1914. Women around the world have begun to use the new design of Mary and the first bra began its big way. Later, a woman named Ida Rosenthal started to develop bras with different cup sizes.

History of the skirt
Did you know that the skirt is the second oldest garment in the history? In Egyptian times, the skirt had been worn by both men and women.

The invention of Tanga panties
Tanga has an interesting history. They were invented after the mayor of New York was furious that the city dancers were naked while dancing. Tanga panties were designed to cover the naked body to calm down the mayor.

The invention of Capri (Bermuda pants)
Back in the 1930s, women in Bermuda were forbidden to show their thighs in public places. Female visitors and locals wanted to wear shorts, so they just increased the length of their shorts to the knee to cover their hips.

These are just some of the many interesting facts about fashion that helped shape our culture and sense of style. No matter where the history will lead us, fashion will always be the part of us.

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Monday, November 14, 2016

2016-2017 Fall-Winter Evening Dresses

Black peacock dress
New Year holidays are coming, and, of course, these days it would be great to go to any event where you can show yourself, clad in a glittering elegant dress. This season fashion gives a wide scope for choice. The designers offer a variety of fancy evening dresses of FW 2016-2017, the main motive of which was the feminity.

The catwalk was full of real masterpieces, which looked surprisingly graceful, but at the same time kingly.

Styles of the Dresses
Most models are presented were of the floor length. They are both, form-fitting dresses, and mermaid dresses, and A-line styles, and by the way, with the floor length dresses it does not mean that your legs will see anyone, on the contrary, many dresses have stunning slits that do not have just a hint to your feet, but almost completely they open them. It looks like not indecently, but rather elegant and kingly.

Purple dress for New Year Party
If you do not want a dress with a slit, couturiers can offer another option – a dress that is short in front and long from the rear. This style is popular for many seasons and it is not going to back down, rather the opposite. Often, the dress length turns into more or less long trail. By the way, trails are another trend this winter. They can be not only a continuation of the dress hem. For example, in the collections of some designers, there were presented dresses with trains-capes, beginning from the shoulder.

Despite the fact that some models were the personification of femininity and sexuality in the modern sense, there was noticed another trend - dresses of the Empire style. Models, who demonstrated these dresses on the catwalk, looked like as if they had descended from the paintings of the Middle Ages. There could be seen the high-necked dresses with high collars of heavy silk, brocade, satin.

It is necessary to note the presence on the catwalks of evening gowns, consisting of a jacket and trousers, a jacket and a skirt. A great option for those who prefer practicality.

The decoration
As for the decoration of the dresses, then it probably was too much than not enough. The volume embroidery with silver and gold threads, drapes, multilayered chiffon, false flowers, bugles, and pearls, large and small sequins – all sorts of things – all this can be seen in the decoration of evening dresses. You cannot go wrong if you choose the ornate dress.

The materials
Stylish Black Dress 
This season, the trend towards transparency and lightness is remained, despite the fact that it is the autumn-winter collection. This means that in vogue there are chiffon and other semi-transparent fabrics such as mesh, guipure, lace. Sometimes the dress is so transparent that through the fabric could be guessed the underwear, but in most cases "special" places are decorated with abundant embroidery, rhinestones or sequins. Many dresses have sleeves, which are also often translucent.

A special all the rage this winter will be the velvet evening gowns, both the floor-length versions and shorter ones.

And, of course, the designers could not use with good effect the symbol of the forthcoming New Year - the Rooster. Catwalks of many fashion houses have presented to the public models discharged literally in the fluff and feathers. There were all sorts of things were there: dresses made of entirely feathers and boas, some designers who did not use feathers, one way or another still used with the good effect this topic, drawing attention either to the fabric with a pattern of feathers or decorated outfits with appropriate embroidery.

Using with good effect the theme of feathers
On the catwalks can be found dresses in different colors, but the unconditional hits were red, black, blue, purple and beige colors. It is from this range you should select, when choosing the fashionable evening gown.

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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

High Heels is a Real Art

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Women’s gait - how much songs have been sung and stories have been written about it. Wearing high heels with short cocktail dresses can help your legs look stunning. Men pay attention to how a woman walks. The gait can show how much you are feminine and elegant. High heels, like nothing else, will create the perfect gait.

But, unfortunately, few women know how to walk really good on high heels. Usually, from the outside, it looks sadly and funny. When you see these women, you feel sorry, and you almost feel yourself the pain of torment: half-bent legs, torso tilted forward, sadness in their eyes ...

But there are some simple tips that will help you not only to stand confidently on high heels but to walk easily.

Do not just stand on 4-inch stiletto heels. In the shop, during the trying on, they may seem comfortable, where you will make a couple of steps on a smooth floor, but in life, when you are in a hurry to work on the broken asphalt, you are unlikely to look like a model on the catwalk.

It is necessary to begin your learning from small broad heels, eventually increasing the height. Also, do not wear heels all day long. Take them to work, where there is a flat floor, and you can always change your shoes or just sit and relax.

First, it is necessary to walk slowly and to make small steps. So you will get used to new feelings and height. It will also be easier for you to focus on the fact that your knees are straight, not bent, otherwise your gait would be far from ideal.

Try to shift the weight from heel to toe. There is no need to put a toe first of all to the floor, or to put both the toe and heel. It also looks ugly. To begin with, start walking in a straight line and then learn to turn and walking up the stairs.

Having learned walking on high heels at the office, you can eventually make small trips on short distances, for example, to the shop. You will not have time to get tired, and you will not feel pain in the legs, but you will quickly get used to high heels.

Also, you should choose high-quality shoes with good stable and comfortable heel. Otherwise, you can get not only a night nightmare pain of your tired legs but also serious diseases of your back and legs.

High heels can not only turn a woman into a real model but also make her look ridiculous. Walking in high heels is an art – it requires learning study and seriously enough treating.

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Monday, November 7, 2016

How to Create Your Own Style of Clothing?

Today, every woman strives to stand out, to be bright and individual. Very often it looks really ridiculous when having worn everything that was in the closet or wearing non-matching in colors clothes.

In order to find your own style, to develop a unique image, it is necessary to work hard, to read literature, to be interested in novelties. Many people start with, simply copying of images of famous people who are trying to pick up clothes for certain styles.

It is important to combine colors correctly. The image should contain no more than three-four colors; otherwise, you will look too brightly and defiantly. Several colors should be neutral, and one is a bright accent.

Working on your own style is very difficult and time-consuming process. Over time, you will understand what style of clothing suits you best, what styles should be chosen to emphasize the advantages of your body and hide disadvantages.

Here are a few tips to help you find your style of clothing:
• determine your body type. As is well known, every woman has a different style of the body: pear, hourglass, rectangle, and others. It will help you in the future to choose the appropriate clothing styles;
• examine yourself; think in what way you would like to appear on a particular event. Turn on your imagination, view images of famous people;
• define your type of appearance. This will help you to decide on the colors in clothes. Even with the help of color you can make an image bright and successful, but it is possible to spoil everything, highlighting the shortcomings or making unhealthy complexion;
• find "your own" thing that will be your highlight, and which will help to improve any of your images;
• follow fashion and novelties;
• do not be afraid to experiment. If you stick around the action, even the most daring experiments can be successful and will emphasize your individuality.

It is necessary also to divide the things on those that are suitable for work, and those that can be worn in everyday life.

Do not forget about the accessories that will turn even the most ordinary clothes into elegant and festive ones. But it also has its own rule when it is not necessary to put on everything you have. Everything should be balanced.

The main fashion law: if you are wearing a short dress, it should be high-necked as much as possible, and vice versa. In such a way your image will look reserved and not vulgar.

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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

4 Mistakes In Determining Your Type of Appearance

The type of appearance is a theme around which a lot of copies were broken. There is a huge amount of information, but to understand and define your color on your own is often difficult.

Here are some mistakes that often happen in the determination of the type of appearance:

Mistake #1:

The honorary first place takes a very widespread and firmly got accustomed myth that if you do not find your appearance in the description, then you are the summer. In fact, it is not true. This is facilitated by the erroneous beliefs that the fall is always a redhead with freckles and tans poorly; spring - always blond with light eyes, and winter - burning brunette with a snow-white skin. Therefore, all those who have not found themselves in similar descriptions, consider themselves to a summer type.

Seasonal method, in which all feature types are divided into 4 subtypes, discredited itself long ago - it is suitable for only 25% of people. Modern systems are based on the physical characteristics of colors, there are much larger numbers of subtypes, and therefore, there is the ideal palette for everyone.

In addition, warm appearance is often mistakenly considered as a cold one. In fact, any color has both warm and cool shades. The grayish light-brown shade of hair is often mistaken as a cold summer, as well as the blue eyes.

But this is a mistake #2:

We focus on the name of the color, rather than its "quality".

All tests to determine the type of appearance have a major drawback: colors, hidden behind beautiful names (olive, almond, chocolate) everyone imagines in their own way. It may be that you imagine a bitter chocolate and the author - a milk one. It is important to us to determine as precisely as possible the shade of color, its undertone: whether it is dark or light, warm or cold, bright or soft (muted).

It is not always easy to do it, especially when there is nothing to compare: you can consider your hair dark, though in fact, they are average in brightness, and vice versa. Skin undertone is also the easiest to see by comparing yourself with someone else.

In determining the type of appearance it is important to focus on the appropriate colors, and not on the impression of the exterior.
However, there are some nuances: it is a question of live comparing, otherwise, you risk to make

Mistake #3:

We compare ourselves with celebrities

When it comes to types of appearances, every nuance of color is important, so you should not be guided by the stars, no matter how you are similar to them. In addition, we often see them in images that are far from natural colors.

Add to that a little retouching, artificial light and color rendition of your monitor - and the risk to make a mistake increases rapidly. The main thing that you need to compare is how the different shades of color affect your appearance. Make the test with the tissues - this is the most accurate way of determining the type of appearance.

Mistake #4:

Incorrect interpretation of test results.

Very often we confuse "I like the color" and "color suits." Unfortunately, this is not the same thing. Suitable colors refer to the same range of colors as our natural colors and create harmonious, eye candy picture with them. They level the complexion, the skin gets a healthy color, and the eyes become brighter, facial contours become clearer.

When the shade does not suit us, the face may acquire a grayish, pale, or an unnatural shade, eyes can get lost, it is difficult to see their color, black eyes may appear, and a variety of skin imperfections. If you think that there is no difference, and it is difficult to track these changes in the mirror, try to see them in the photo - a "view from outside" will help to decide. If you still have doubts, then the best solution is to consult a professional stylist, because apart from the exact result you will get all the answers, and you will learn to use your palette.

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