Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Wedding Dress – Purchase or Rent?

There is a question in front of many of the future brides - to rent a wedding dress or to buy it? The first and the second variant have its own nuances.

Rent of a Wedding Dress

Rental is expensive. And will cost about fifty or seventy-five percent of the cost of the dress. Future brides usually rent very popular dresses, but the budget does not allow paying its cost. There are expensive dresses of different brands (Tarik Ediz, David Tutera, etc.), the purchase of which the average future bride cannot afford. And rental comes to the aid, allowing paying only 50% of the cost.

Rental Pros:
The ability to wear a dress of your dreams at a price you can afford.
After the wedding dress goes back into the salon, and, accordingly, do not create problems for the bride where to keep it.
You do not have to look for a new future bride who would buy your wedding dress.

Rental Cons:
You give a lot of money to the salon, in exchange for getting only one day in a beautiful dress.
If you have drawn up a contract, signed it and mutually certified it, and then decided not to rent the dress you will have to compensate this act by paying damages to the wedding salon.
It is a must to return dress on the appointed day. Otherwise, it will be fined for the delay.

A small range of products - will have to choose from a limited range.

The probability that the dress has been in a rental - some salons look very well after rented dresses so that neither of brides will guess whether it was already in a rental. An easy way to check whether the dress was rented is to check the hem of the dress. Even the tidiest bride cannot walk so as not to rub out the hem of her dress. It is immediately noticeable. Also often pins remain that brides fasten according to custom the hem of the dress. Salons do not notice (or may not know) about their existence.

Be sure to ask, whether the wedding salon provides a fitting dress for your figure? This is very important - it is only in this case you will look really awesome. Yes - the service also costs the money, but in this case, you’ll get the dress of your dreams. Some salons even if renting agree to hem or to take a dress in according to your body and parameters of your figure, but, not all salons provide such a service, and therefore clarify this information. If God forbid - the salon will not be able to provide the dress in the stipulated period - you can not only restore the pledge but also count on strong moral damages reparation. After all, such "tricks" and irresponsibility of the salon are unacceptable in the day when you have to look like a Queen. I only hope that this will not happen to you, and if it will, strongly recommend teaching that salon a lesson so that the financial losses from the moral damages reparation for you corrected their irresponsibility forever.

But it is - a very rare case, as bridal salons understand it very well. So you should choose a good reliable and trusted salon, which can be trusted to prepare your outfit of Queen.

Wedding Dress Purchasing

This variant of purchasing a wedding dress is the most irresponsible one. You can purchase the dress six months in advance before the wedding, take it home and enjoy every day, but you can try it on, but you can ... well, anything you want.
Pros Purchase:
Change the dress in accordance to your wish - alter, take it in, add matching decorations in color and style of the wedding;
Take it on your honeymoon for an extra portion of the mind-blowing pictures on the background of the marvelous landscapes of distant places;
Wear the same dress at a wedding ceremony;
Participate in further competitions and brides parades;
Put on your dress on your wedding anniversary for your husband or a photo session, devoted to the anniversary of the wedding;
To "kill" the wedding dress, arranging a photo session in the trash the dress style;
Alter a wedding dress in a more appropriate model for further everyday or evening out;
Keep the dress to show to your daughter later or alter a dress for her Christmas dress.
In the salons there are always a nice atmosphere - nice sales consultants, nice interior, and relaxed atmosphere.
It is not too easy to sell your wedding dress! And it's not that it will be difficult to give it away ... Just to find another bride with the same figure with the same growth - not an easy task, especially if you are a small and thin girl or a tall girl. Several decades ago, the dress was easier to sell - they were hard to find, especially beautiful and unusual ones. Today, the market is oversaturated with dresses, the choice is large, and a new wedding dress one can buy on any budget.
After wedding the dress must be taken to the dry cleaners, and that is the additional costs and nerves if it will be suddenly spoilt at the dry cleaners.
The dress needs a lot of space in the closet.
The high cost of buying wedding dresses (as compared with the rental).

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  1. I'm a huge fan of looking at both the pros & cons, so thanks for hitting on both of them!!
    I think part of the equation is if you are sentimental and want to keep that piece forever (or pass it down---which the younger generation doesn't want anyways--ha ha)

  2. Good to weigh both the pros and cons. Great post here! I really don't mind, so far as the dress is personal. It can be cheap but, still great. Ha!


    1. Agree with you! Sometimes cheap clothes look brilliantly, and sometimes, the situation is quite the opposite :))