Thursday, September 29, 2016

Cocktail dresses for stylish: the true elegance and sophistication

The cocktail dress is an ideal outfit for any occasion, from birthdays to weddings. Lightness, deliberate simplicity and the elegance of these outfits attract the attention of not only the owners but for all others.

In some cases, designers recommend sacrificing even the luxury of a long dress in favor of less respectable cocktail dress that will look the best of elegant and smart, but not cumbersome or defiantly.

Features cocktail dress style

 Cocktail dress type is perfect for all events taking place in the afternoon, from name-day parties to weddings. The simplicity of style and its undoubted convenience made such outfits popular with women of all ages, sizes, and preferences. It is this dress makes it easy to create light but festive image.

Important. The cocktail dress length should be strictly regulated: just above or just below the knee. This indicator distinguishes it from evening dress.

Foremost among cocktail dresses, styles are still the classic the form-fitted model beneficial emphasizes advantages of any body shape. A special feature of this dress is its versatility because depending on the color and cut some of the subtleties of this outfit are suitable for any event. The form-fitting dress is a required element of a basic wardrobe of stylish women.

Not less popular model with a flared skirt and rigorous top. Such dresses are suitable for women of all ages due to the peculiarities of the silhouette. A more modern version of this model is an asymmetrical dress with the lush skirt: on the fashion catwalks such products attract attention for its originality and non-trivial approach to classical forms.

Deep V-neck cocktail dress is a highlight of the universal model. For details of such designers pick a calmer bottom without complicated designs and simple fabrics. Focus on the neck and décolleté requires more restraint in the nudity and showing other parts of the body.

Fabrics and colors

Cocktail dresses are made of classic fabrics - from satin to silk. A special feature of these models is the frequent use of multiple versions of the material in a single product that allows you to create more complex and original dresses. Zest of cocktail dress is its versatility and elegance, born of a combination of intuitive cut, harmonious materials, and smart decoration.

Kinds of fabrics

Satin or silk cocktail dresses - choice of ladies seeking for luxury. This model looks most advantageously at the slim body with expressive shapes and curves that allow the fabric gently fall.
Brocade is used in such models is not so often, because it is, as well as taffeta, is considered to be too complex and hard fabric. If the cocktail dress is made of such a material, its style should be extremely simple and concise that attention was paid to the fabrics peculiarities.
Chiffon and organza are suitable fabrics for light and airy summer cocktail dresses. These fabrics are often used to create a fashionable in this season asymmetrical patterns with lots of frills and flounces: romantic images are still popular among girls.

Tip. It is important to remember that the ruffles and pleats of chiffon appropriate only within certain age: the creation of a design of pink organza unlikely to decorate the forty-year woman, even if she has a perfect body.

Lace in cocktail dresses should be used with extreme caution in order to not become an elegant model with vulgar undergarments. Traditionally, these fabrics are used as a supplement to satin or silk, less often - as the basis for a multi-layer body conscience silhouette.

When creating new collections of cocktail dresses designers are guided by the principle of moderateness and harmony: sophisticated styles need simple fabric and a minimum of decoration, the concise model can vary by more expressive fabrics and decorate with complex ruches, ruffles, embroidery or inserts of other fabrics.

The classic cocktail dress can be of any color - from laconic black to bright yellow, as are appropriate prints and drawings. In cold weather, dark colors more appropriate: deep blue, red and luxurious expressive auburn. In the summer it is possible to diversify the palette, adding bright and juicy tints of yellow, blue, pale green.

Choosing the perfect cocktail dress

Among the variety of cocktail dresses models, every woman can choose the perfect option for her, which will emphasize the advantages of her body and creates an especially festive and stylish image. To avoid mistakes, you should adhere to the following guidelines:

1. Destination. Corporate party, dinner party or opening fashion exhibitions - each one of these places require a dress suitable for the style and direction. Universal option - a little black cocktail dress, which is appropriate in every situation.

2. Season. Cocktail dresses are divided by seasons, so come for a summer party in luxurious taffeta dress is inappropriate, as well as to visit the Christmas dinner in flying chiffon dress with thin straps.

3. Simplicity. If you are not sure of your body or having doubts about the correct choice of accessories, in addition, you should give preference to the most concise and rigorous options - for example, the always appropriate form-fitting dress.

The cocktail dress is an important part of every woman's wardrobe. Dozens of reasons to “walk” the favorite dress will make you feel glamorous and attractive, and well-chosen style will make a woman a queen of this event.

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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

7 main rules of stylish people

Do not be afraid to stand out

Do not be afraid to be too elegant or too luxurious; do not delay beautiful outfits for better times, or for special occasions. Wear what you love and show yourself in full measure.

Saving can be on everything except for the shoes.

Collect a decent collection of shoes (from classics to sports). Every time wearing it, you will experience the sweet feeling of pride.

Love the laconic brevity

Simple combinations will help to look great for those who always feel the lack of time.

Always be yourself

The clothes should give you a sense of freedom and lightness.

Wear transparent

However, wearing transparent things requires rationality. Such blouses, tops or dresses combine with classic jackets.

Emphasize the waist

It's the best trick! The belt helps to present the body in the best form and will improve any image.

Forget about stereotypes

Wear unusual clothes, do not look back at the rules, do not follow trends, just enjoy yourself.

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Friday, September 23, 2016

10 Inspiring Reasons to Love the Fall

Most people do not like the fall. We consider this time of year only with mud, rain, grayness, and cold. But it is necessary to reject this negativity and see how beautiful it is this time. So do not get depressed and experiencing fall creative crisis. Today I will tell you why the fall is the best time for inspiration.

1. Color Palette
The most obvious and the most controversial point. Of course, the golden-red carpet of leaves in many cities quickly turns into a muddy mess. And if this is your case, then you only need to turn your head up, and you will plunge into an abundance of warm and vibrant colors that trees delight us every fall. All this beauty cannot fail to inspire.

2. Romance
Fall is the most romantic time of the year whatever the appearances about spring. Summer heat is not particularly conducive to the wish of staying embracing in bed, or even walking, holding hands. The fall coolness is just created for a cuddle and tenderness. When the wind howled outside the window, you just want to cuddle up to a loved one, and to warm up a little in the cozy embrace. Look for inspiration in the warm romance. Then you do not have to contend with a creative stupor.

3. A valuable lesson from the fall
Each year, fall teaches us the one important truth - you need to appreciate what you have. As many as three months we were pampered by summer with hot sun and warmth, and what were we doing? Hid under air conditioners and whined about how hot it was outside? So here it is just to give a hint of fall about the coming winter cold, as heat ceases to seem a bad thing. Many even try to run away from the bad weather in the tropical countries. So, appreciate the warmth that we still have left.

4. Scrummies
It has to fall on the last and most bountiful harvest. This is the time when it is necessary to all the way recharge with vitamins and to relieve your feelings, after eating your favorite fruits and vegetables. After all, soon ripe and inexpensive gifts of nature will disappear from the counters, and unripe fruits and vegetables of dubious quality will replace, which are also would be pretty expensive.

5. Long Nights
Night - this is an unusual time of day. The most unusual and entertaining ideas come to mind exactly at night. We can grip an incredibly powerful inspiration during the night. There is something mysterious in the dark and calmness. Therefore, the night lovers just have to fall in love and the fall, as this time of year the nights are much longer. But even night-owls can sleep in the morning and do not hide their eyes from the bright sunlight.

6. Comfortable clothes
In the autumn, no one can laugh at you if you sit in front of a computer in the old warm pajamas with children's pattern. It was at this time of year we can wrap up in a warm sweater and enjoy its comfort and softness. The fall is the time for elegant coats and raincoats, favorite scarves and funny hats. Experiment with your wardrobe, add to it a couple of vivid details. Let your clothes inspire you.

7. Fall - time of books
It seems that the fall was made for reading. So I want to wrap myself up in a warm blanket, take a cup of something hot and dive into a good book. Reading lovers no longer need to come up with a reason to stay home. Bad weather – excuse for all occasions. And now you can easily delve into reading without worrying that you will once again distract.

8. Last gatherings around the bonfire
In the summer I want to stay as far away from the fire as possible. Fall fire helps companies to pull together, everyone clinging to one another, surround it, because of the cool weather. Treat yourself to a BBQ, fried bread on fire or baked potatoes, because you do not taste it for quite some time.

9. Pacification
After a tumultuous summer, you want to seclude yourself, to stay in a calm and peaceful atmosphere. Fall brings a little melancholy and a constructive mood which may well involve a long-awaited muse. Resist the peace of fall, watch what is happening around. Gain inspiration from the world around and pour it into your creative work.

10. The opportunity to be children
No one will askance at a man playing with autumn leaves. Somehow this childish is excusable at any age. So allow you to fully rustle foliage and feel like a kid. This helps to overcome a creative decline and greatly improve your mood. Halloween is celebrated in the fall. And this holiday is a great way to express you by creating an unusual costume. And having come to the party, you will see so many diverse and creative garments that simply will not be able to be in a state of creative crisis.

And what about you? Do you like this season of the year? What are your favorite fall activities?

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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Cocktail dress

Today I want to examine almost universal type of dresses - a cocktail dress.
Cocktail dress – there will be many occasions to wear it. First of all, what is a cocktail dress and where it came from? This concept appeared in the 1920s in the United States. Harsh years during the
Prohibition forbade alcohol and partying with drinks, or so-called cocktail parties, held in private homes or "underground" establishments. They needed elegant clothes, but less formal and not as luxurious as evening dress. Then a cocktail dress was born: rather short, just cover the knees, sewn according to the latest fashion trends of expensive but not magnificent fabrics. Wearing such a dress it was possible to dance the trendy Charleston, go back home in the morning, throwing a top coat, so as not to attract attention, and, if necessary, run away from the police. That is a cocktail dress is a smart dress with length just above or below the knee (although now there are also could be longer ones), less grandiose than the evening, but different from the everyday dress.

On what occasion to wear. Modern cocktail dresses are very diverse. They can be worn at a big theatrical premiere, wedding, various parties, a dinner at a restaurant, stand-up parties, club events, etc.

What combination. As for the jewelry – you can wear precious jewelry, but not too much and not pompous. Expensive bijouterie is also allowed. Small handbag and elegant shoes with heels, a cocktail dress can be worn with elegant boots and the appropriate party with a touch of bohemian, some unexpected creative boots. As a cocktail gown can be used all the same little black dress, which in some cases can be combined with elegant classic boots.

Do not wear for "cocktail" events long evening dress, do not wear a cocktail little black dress with dense (opaque) black tights.

Events with a special dress code - costume balls, masquerades, parties with any theme requiring special entourage in clothes. Interesting for original clothing is suitable for the occasion. There may be even very extravagant evening options.

What combination. Depending on what you put on.

Do not wear a lot of jewelry, if you have an elaborate outfit.
Do not dress up in formal clothes.

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Monday, September 19, 2016

Fashionable bright yellow color

Hello dear readers! Want to be in the center of attention, try to reconsider your wardrobe, and maybe add a couple of more vivid things, for example yellow ones. This bright, sunny tint simply cannot be unnoticed; correspondingly, it will definitely draw attention to your person. But it is not enough just to buy a bright yellow blouse or a skirt; you need to learn how to combine the new purchase harmoniously with the rest of your clothing and footwear. In today's review we will focus on bright yellow color in particular, you’ll learn with what to wear yellow clothes, combine bright yellow shoes and bags. Sunny tint of yellow tones give you a sense of ease, put on a good mood, and just attune you in a positive way. With what to wear yellow clothes, shoes, bag. What are the best colors to combine with bright yellow tint? Above mentioned color will look harmoniously with the following tints: black, white, blue, red, gray, brown, beige. Let's go through each tint separately.
 In fact, such combination of tints is the classics, agree this collation of tints is the first thing that comes to mind, and just so, because such colors ratio is simultaneously stylish, bright and harmonious. Yellow top, shirt or blouse together with black trousers or skirt will look luxurious. The tint is perfect for both street styles, so for office and evening. For evening date you can pick up a yellow dress, supplementing it with a thin black belt, black clutch and sandals.

Yellow-white palette. 

White and yellow tones are also perfect combination, but in this case the image will be simpler, in contrast to the black and yellow palette. White color can be played on the accents of yellow, because it is able to slightly mute the sun tint, for example, you can choose the white pants and the little yellow top or blouse, flowing yellow dress and white vest or jacket.

Yellow-blue palette.

Stunningly stylish looks blue, complemented by yellow or vice versa. Looks great clothing of bright yellow color, complemented by rich blue tint, it is fashionable to wear, for example, a yellow blouse with a blue pencil skirt or cropped trousers.

Yellow-red palette. 

Daring combination of colors, but has the right to exist. In drawing up of such an image it is necessary to consider carefully all the details, it is better to reduce the use of red tones to a minimum, for example there can only be scarlet handbag or shoes.

Yellow-gray palette.

Gray balance the bright yellow tint, but while the drawing up of such an image it is important nevertheless to try to think through every detail, the fact is that the gray palette can ruin the appearance, setting off cheerful yellow color, so that it may visually seem dirty and unkempt. An excellent example of a combination of tints mentioned above can serve as a yellow dress, a gray coat, a yellow-gray bag, as well as shoes and boots.

Yellow-brown palette.

It would be better to look two main options, the first one, is when the yellow color plays the role of an accent, and the second option, is when brown acts as a complementary one. For example, the brown skirt, brown top or blouse, and bright sunny yellow shoes or yellow trousers, white-brown shirt and brown boots.

The yellow-beige palette.

This combination looks calmly and evenly, it is fashionable to pick up, a dress, so a handbag or shoes in beige color. An excellent example will be white top, yellow skirt, white wedge-heeled sandals and beige bag. Lest you puzzled, what's to combine the bright yellow color, I have prepared for you a selection of clothes, shoes and bags in ready-made kits. You can carefully examine, and going shopping to buy a similar wardrobe items.

With what to wear yellow pants.

These pants can be combined with a black blouse, white shirt, white T-shirt, blue jacket and beige, black or white bag, depending on the tint of the rest of the garment.

Bright yellow short dress.

 Incredibly beautiful looks short dress in this tint, when successfully completed the appropriate accessories: black compact bag with matching sandals or shoes and a beige clutch and sandals, white shoes or sandals, as well as with combined white and yellow clutch.

Midi and maxi dress in a bright yellow tone.

These dresses look great in addition with the black color, it can be a belt, a waistband, a bag or shoes. Also dress will look great deliberately supplemented with black details, appliqué, machine stitching, and bow. Below you can see the best examples of examined dresses.

With what to wear bright yellow shoes.

Such shoes can be combined with any clothes - jeans, pants, skirts, dresses. But it is important to realize that the shoes should serve as a vivid accent that is it won’t be enough only those yellow shoes. Thus, sunny sneakers will fit to black tracksuit, bright yellowish sandals will look great with blue, black, white dress and yellow shoes you can wear with black dress, gray trousers, blue jeans.

Jacket, raincoat or a topcoat of bright sun tint.

Such bright clothes can be combined with gray pants, black skirt, black or dark blue dress and blue jeans and a white skirt. Tint of shoes can be matched of accompanying clothing or if the image allows to match the very topcoat, raincoat or jacket. You can purchase a handbag of gray, black, beige or color combination (combined with yellow).

 Bright yellow bag or with what to wear bright yellow bag.

This bag is a real hit, it looks just stunning, the image, complemented with a bag of so bright bag in an instant transformed from mediocre into incredibly stylish. Yellow bag can be worn with a blue, black, beige, gray and white dress. Do not be afraid to wear a handbag without supplementing yellow clothes, it looks great on its own and does not need the support. Stars like to draw attention to their persons, and yellow color surely helps them in this.
Dear readers, today I’ve shown you with what to wear yellow clothes, bag, shoes, and I would like point that in this review it was considered a bright yellow tint.

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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Bridesmaid Dresses - the best styles and colors

Wedding is the most awaited event for every girl. On this feast every detail is well-thought, so dresses for the bridesmaids deserve a special attention. Someone buys them, someone tailors them, but the main thing is to make the right choice, taking into account such peculiarities, as the style of wedding, types of friends’ bodies, and their preferences.

As decorations often choose small bunches of flowers, but in recent years wreaths made of natural flowers become increasingly popular.

So, I offer to discuss the best wedding ideas.
Red variant of bridesmaid dress

Possible dresses for bridesmaids

This year, renowned designers have created a huge amount of gorgeous evening dresses that are perfect for the bridesmaids.

Multi-colored versions of the same style

Fashionable bridesmaids’ dresses of different colors. Beautiful material will help to keep the style, emphasizing the individuality of each person.

Same color but different style

If women cannot opt for a style, offer them a beautiful material, from which they can make absolutely any option that will emphasize the charm of their bodies, hiding disadvantages.

Long styles
Turquoise bridesmaid dress

The floor-length dresses made of chiffon, satin, fine knitwear, lace and glazed cotton will be always popular, and in 2016-2017 stylists recommend to opt for garments in the "Provence" and "boho" style.

Short options

Beautiful legs owners like short cocktail dresses, when the celebration occurs for the warm season.


The following colors are popular in this season: turquoise, violet, purple, peach, pink, dark blue, yellow, lavender, emerald, burgundy, coral, blue, gray, red, orange, chocolate, brown, plum, gold, beige, pistachio, golden , raspberry, menthol. If you want to stand out, look for the outfit of such colors: purple, red, black, mint, marsala, white. A garment of gentle pastel tints of red, black, green, white, fuchsia tints are in trend of 2016-2017.

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Wednesday, September 14, 2016


In this article I decided to focus on the practical application. Namely - to split colors into groups depending on how they are suitable for different complexions, as well as draft for you some tips - what tints (may already be available in your wardrobe), they can be combined.

Before you read any further, I remind: we are talking about the complexion: there is nothing stopping you to wear green trousers or a skirt, even if there is no such a color in your  complexion.

Just be careful with very bright colors, they just might spoil the image, even when presenting in the form of bags or shoes.

And now - go ahead!
Warm, subdued (low-contrast), dark color ( "Autumn") - as a rule, brown-haired and brunette with a warm skin and without sharp contrasts.

Red is in almost every fashion season, it's true. But the fact is that there are the nuances and shades.

When last year the crimson-red color stood in high esteem, then this year designers use mainly warm tint - blood red, not too bright, but allowing to stand out in a crowd.

It is not necessary to reinvent the wheel and to invent complicated combinations: add two pale related tints (possible contrast to the red) - and done.

Warm tints of green began its expansion in the stylish Olympus back at summer fashion shows - and now only have increased their influence. We cannot say that we haven’t worn them before - but then they were mostly used in military style.

Now this tint stands out everywhere: from the sports bombers to cocktail dresses.

It is already possible to work out at the tinting: this color goes well with cold (for example, with gray and blue range) and with warm ranges. And with both at once.

The cold, contrast, dark color ( "Winter") - often dark hair, light skin, expressive blue or green eyes.

Purple has expanded its expansion, started a couple of seasons ago, yet, but championship of the showiness it contests the lush fuchsia and soft lilac, which we will discuss when we get to summer complexion.

Rich berry range supports also wine color.

If you’ve hid your belongings after last year's hysteria with Marsala, now is the time to get them back.

This season is rich with tints of green - the "winters" also have their own.

Designers dimmed the brightness of the emerald and the young grass that delighted us in the summer, and now offer us to wear dramatic dark tones.

Warm, contrast, light complexion ("Spring") – blond, red or brown hair, bright lips and eyes, the skin with a warm midtone.

Rich colors, typical for this color in autumn are usually not held in high esteem. Neither orange nor juicy green or pink or blue...

But you can "borrow" fuchsia (the one that is closer to pink, not purple), and even try mustard yellow - it is just at its peak.

Cold, low-contrast, bright complexion ("Summer") - blond hair, with gray midtone, as well as skin, pale blue or green eyes.

Firstly, gray constricts again beige in the fight for the right to be the main basic color of the season. As usual, on the podium, you can see a wide range of shades from very light to graphite, but the most relevant is the so-called shark fin color - a non-uniform tint of medium intensity.

Secondly, pastel is still relevant - though this is its last season, as it seems. Mostly blue color (the familiar Serenity), pink is often used with a dash of gray, rather than white, but designers are moving away from a romantic reading of the scale and create more stringent or sports things.

But pastel is with us, and it's cool that it can be easily combined with black and gray, which we so often choose in the cold season.

However, the new colors are also added. About lilac I have already said – it is quite suddenly burst onto the podium (the unexpected, it is still autumn-winter fashion shows).

And designers strongly refuse to treat it only as a gentle color for girls' dresses: there were enough trouser suits, and sweaters and duck-down jackets.

And finally - another green (I told), and more precisely, its most delicate tints. As for me, this is a good way to stand out: very few people choose such a range in the fall (and generally in life), and it looks unusual and beautiful.

Of course, if we are not speaking about the cargo pants (it's just mundane), but about the pleated skirt, for example, or even about a classic coat.

All complexions
It is hard to fit to your wardrobe with a bright blue color, so popular in the last seasons; it doesn’t suit to everyone and cannot be combined to everything.

With the tints of blue, which became popular this fall - deep, dark, little lukewarm – everything is much easier. They can be combined with any type (tested more than once by tests of colors of different girls) and easily replace the black and gray in the everyday wardrobe, making it more interesting.

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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

I and H body types

Outfits for "slender rectangle" and "full rectangle" body types. They are sometimes also called I-type or H-type or "slender column" and "full column".

In fact, the slender rectangle - is the body type of most of the models. This is a very convenient type of body, because clothes can help to build practically any silhouette. Perhaps that is why it reigns on the podium, because it allows for designers to realize their ideas. Besides, in this type of body, the waist is usually not very pronounced. And to put the clothing is more convenient than having more curved body forms.

It would seem that the model shape of the body – you can wear what you want. But there are options of clothing, which worsen the proportions and spoil the overall look.

A rectangle-shaped body may not be suitable dresses with waist. It depends of course on the particular dresses: fabrics, tissue density assembly and so on. But often, these dresses make the girl seem bigger than she actually is.

And of course, it is necessary to treat carefully to the cut, which elongates the torso, emphasizing its squareness.

However, I personally at my last statement do not seem an absolute rule. While it is generally believed that we need to build the right proportions, close to the slender hourglass, but the figure of the "rectangle" is very popular and many people like it. Many other types of women can aspire to it in particular. And that means that the girl herself with a similar body can assume that emphasizing the "squareness" is a kind of trick. Here's how with the dresses and clothes in general - someone may like this way, but someone seem too angular and straight. In general, I advise you on this issue to build on your own aesthetic preferences.

If you still want to do from the "rectangle" more feminine shape with smooth lines - with this task perfectly copes dresses with drapes, for example.

To emphasize the waist line will help cutting tailoring or optical illusion based on contrasting colors.

But be careful: emphasizing the waistline, we should not make this zone too broad. Otherwise, we’ll get the effect of the opposite.

For the "slender rectangle" almost always suit multilayer clothes.

Here's how I would have dressed the girl with such a body.

In the case of the figure of the H-type (full column or a full rectangle) works with virtually all rules that apply to slender ones. The only thing is to pay more attention to – the waist line. Sometimes this type of girls tends to gain weight just in this area.

And then straight silhouettes and multi-sets will be salvation.

Waistline can be successfully masked with worn outside blouses and tops, if deposits are found in this area. A fitted jacket will create the appearance of a waist.

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Thursday, September 8, 2016

5 Tips How to Prepare for the Prom

Very soon in the seniors’ lives there will be the most pleasant and long-expected time. And what is the most important for girl on the threshold of the senior prom? Of course, to choose the perfect image and beautiful gown to feel like a queen of the party and to make this event unforgettable.
Variants of prom dresses

The prom gown can be different: everything depends on the taste and fantasy of the possessor. The Paris Dress Trade mark had prepared its collection of images for prom. For the classic cocktail dresses lovers there is a collection of such dresses, and their personal variant of the legendary little black dress – elegant, emphasizes the refined taste of the owner. Whatever you choose, remember, that even the simplest cut dress can become festive attire due to correctly chosen accessories.  

For those who prefer for state receptions luxurious and long dresses just like famous actresses – the collection of light and streamy long dresses
Gorgeous yellow dress

And for the desert – 5 important tips that will help you look fascinating at the prom party.


Select one stunning piece of jewelry that will emphasize your image and stay on it. If you have a catchy necklace, limit with classically restrained earrings. And to large earrings do not buy any jewelry on the neck. And remember an important rule: if you jewellery is made of metal - they must combine!


Your bag should be exactly sized to fit your phone, mirror, powder and lip gloss. And it is not necessarily to fit the tone of at least some part of your outfit. Your handbag - it's your personality!


To keep your hairdo all the festive night, you need necessarily to style your hair with foam, and then to fix everything with hairspray, you can use hairspray with spangles. Curls – is a classic win-win, and also braids are still in trend; they can be twirled both all over the head and on the sides. The perfect variant - if you have time to rehearse your hairdo before a few days before the Day X.


Highlight one of two things: eyes or lips. If you have decided to highlight lips, you need to make them most colorful: red, dark pink and burgundy tints are perfect for prom. And stay away from the brown tones - because you are too young. If you decided to focus on the eyes, do not be afraid to resort to the entire arsenal of tools: eyeliner, eye shadow, mascara and even false eyelashes. In this case, lipstick or lip gloss should be of light natural tint.

The photo.

Photo is the guarantee of your success for years to come. When taking pictures, do not forget about 3 things:

  • before you take pictures, be sure to touch up the lips in front of a mirror;
  • powder the shiny areas of the face (forehead, chin and nose);
  • when posturing, expose one foot slightly ahead - so you look even slimmer. all the stars on the red carpet do in such a way.

Here, perhaps, all the secrets. And remember: the most powerful weapon and the most fashionable accent - is your happy radiant smile.

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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

A Form-Fitting Dress: How and With What to Wear

Black off-the-shoulder form-fitting evening dress
A form-fitting dress appeared owing to the legendary Coco Chanel, who in the fullness of time presented the famous little black dress, form-fitting and characterized by sleeveless and round neckline. Form-fitting dress became a classic style and has gained popularity among the fashionistas of the world for years to come. It is today still does not hand over positions.

This strict dress can be worn as a business or cocktail attire. Its sleek design does not make it boring. Dresses of this model are produced in a variety of colors. Quiet pastels are perfect for work, and a bright, catchy color transforms even the most nondescript dress into a stylish work of design art and into a gorgeous evening dress.

In addition, choosing the right accessories to it, you can always look feminine and stylish. Thus, the elegant clutches will complement the image. Shoes are to be selected in the same tone – it is better to give preference to pumps, sandals or boots. The main rule - a high heel. Not bad in a duet with her dress, looks a platform sole footwear in combination with form-fitting dress. Belts are often worn with form-fitting dresses. This method highlights waist and visually emphasizes the hip line. In addition, popular belts are absolutely of different widths - narrow and wide.
Form-fitting evening dress

When choosing matching jewelry, it is better to give preference to pearls, if you decide to go to a social event or to give elegance to your image of a business woman in the office. For a party it is allowed to choose volumetric decorations or fashionable massive jewelry. To complement the image you can collect with the head band.

For cooler weather, you can pick a stylish jacket, blazer or cardigan. A form-fitted dress looks impeccably also in ensemble with a bolero or fur, silk or woolen stole. Very attractive look in the ensemble with the dress elegant and beautiful shawls, embroidered with sequins or rhinestones. To choose, with what to wear a form fitted dress, it is necessary to take into account the fabric it is made of.

And the most important - a form-fitted dress is designed for stylish girls. It is chosen by many stars and celebrities, considering this item a must in the wardrobe. If you get several of these dresses, learn how to choose accessories for them, stick to a particular style, and your image will always flawless. To succeed, you need to work. The taste will help you, as well as the sense of proportion and neatness.

And what about you? Do you like form-fitting dresses? Do you often wear them? What accessories do you wear with form-fitting dresses? Share your opinions in comments, I would love to read them!

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Friday, September 2, 2016

The working class: everything you need to know about jumpsuits

Let’s study this article of clothing on the examples of street-style, celebrities and new collections
To resist the comfort of jumpsuits is just impossible! No wonder this article of clothing came into fashion from working clothes – its fused cut really lets you do anything, almost without noticing what you're wearing. And if the convenience brought jumpsuits in a woman's wardrobe, the undisputed aesthetic qualities ensured it with a worthy place on the red carpet. We have compiled the newest and most interesting trends in fashion on the overalls - from bustier on celebrities to complicatedly cut models on street-style celebrities, from the podium to the range of online shops. Watch and plan, jumpsuit it is necessary to pick in the fall!


Jumpsuit with flower print

Jumpsuits with prints - is not the most unique thing. Dressed in a pattern from head to toe can afford only the most daring and confident woman. Still, when buying such a thing, a couple of rules are to be observed. Firstly, do not choose a suit with too intrusive and bright print - monochrome or blue-gray gamma will fit better. Secondly, you should immediately think, with what you will wear it. And if in summer you can just put on a jumpsuit over the naked body, then the fall will perforce have to come up with appropriate combinations. Wear it on the black turtleneck and match the appropriate color coat.


Classic of the American South, denim jumpsuit, every year is becoming more glamorous. Yes, it still is not forbidden to wear with sneakers and baseball caps, a simple T-shirt and a backpack. But the greatest effect it will produce with evening accessories - high heels, clutches and dramatic embellishments.


Bustier jumpsuit
Not surprisingly, that hybrid of the bustier dresses and jumpsuits became so popular on the red carpet

– it is as important for the celebrities to feel comfortable at festivals and premieres, as well as to demonstrate chiseled shoulders. The main secret of such jumpsuits is in succinctly highlighted bodice.


If jumpsuits-bustier on the celebrities seem rather modest, then jumpsuits, lavishly decorated with embroidery or sequins, completely create the most elegant image. Here again it is important not to overdo it - too active and colorful embroidery make this garment relevant only at the country festival. Therefore, it is always better to bet on the decor in the tissue tone.


White jumpsuits are like the white suits - they give elegance to almost any image. Note - even in combination with sneakers and sweatshirt this garment does not look like a sport one, but only more fashionable. With white jumpsuits it is allowed to wear things with active prints, and to pick bright accessories. The merits are enormous, except for one – you have to take care of it as carefully as for any white thing.


Is it a jumpsuit or still a top with pants? Celebrities love to introduce all the confusion, choosing clothes with an optical illusion for the red carpet. Jumpsuits, visually separated into parts, are not deprived of comfort, but look much more elegant - rather like a cocktail dress than a derivative of utilitarian forms.


Jumpsuits, which designers offer us to wear in the new season, are closer to the city and everyday fashion than to the evening gowns. These leather or jersey jumpsuits, with zippers, straps and large belts and industrial decor.


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