Thursday, August 25, 2016

Prints on clothing. Terms of combinations of patterns

Floral patterns

Floral patterns are of the most universal ones. They can be combined with stripes or other geometric patterns, including polka dots. Of course, these are experiments for the most trendy and courageous. For those, who aren't so resolute, it is better to choose more neutral palette – clothes with matching colors or solid colors. In any case it is necessary to remember that there are should be the one dominant print, and all the others should support it. Neither should be combined at the same image flowers of the same size - only small or only large ones. In the first case there is a feeling of unnecessary fractionality, and in the second case – the flowers will "fight" each other.

Colored polka dots

Traditionally it is considered to be that one cannot combine several things with polka dots of different size and color. In general it is true, if we are not talking about the companion-fabric, which was created by a professional. So, if you feel like a designer, go for it! But remember the basic rules, according to which the polka-dots although is already a classic, it draws attention to itself. That's why, it would be better to have one thing with polka dots – a blouse, a skirt or a dress. And remember, that this is one of the most feminine prints. It is at the peak of popularity again! By the way, the large polka dots usually make your body fuller visually, and small polka dots – quite the opposite – makes slimmer visually.


Combine stripes with polka dots or other geometric ornament, then you'll have the reputation of the most stylish girl of an excellent taste! You can see even bolder combinations – both stripes, and polka dots, and flowers at the same time. But believe me, it is a designers' jewelry work, where everything is calibrated to the details. Is it worth to complicate your life in such a way? Maybe, it is better to choose clothes with colored stripes stuff that matches one of the colors of the pattern. Well, then, that the vertical stripes pulls the silhouette and makes it elegant, even schoolchildren know it.


The basic rule: never combine beast ornament both with others ornaments, and together. But, as we know, rules exist in order to be broken. To begin with, some fashion charter. Beast patterns are: stripes (tiger and zebra), snake, predatory spots – leopard and giraffe. For different combinations perfectly suit leopard, tiger and zebra. It is important to take into account one more thing – the beast print shouldn't prevail at your outfit. Let them be some leopard insets, or "snake" dress sleeves. It is recommended to pay attention to the accessories with beast print; they can be bags, shoes, or even bijouterie. Moreover, these accessories can completely distract from the overall image and not to match in clothes color.

Playing the contrast

Contrast combinations always look very brightly and surprisingly – black and beige, dark-blue and white… Yeah, these are color strict limits. On the other hand it is allowed a lot when using prints – stripes, polka dots, flowers. Such an image would always be elegant and unrepeatable. Combine ornaments of different size: small with large, dense with more lighter. And the main thing – don't be afraid to experiment. After all, the line between the podium and the real life is slowly blurred.

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