Friday, August 19, 2016

Tarik Ediz – unsurpassed Turkish designer

Tarik Ediz is a worldwide famous designer, who specializes women evening and wedding fashion.

The Production

The company was founded in 1987 and now it is represented in 5 continents and more than in 80 countries worldwide.

Dresses are handmade by experienced craftsmen. They combine feminine elegance, filled with sexual sensuality, and haute couture sophistication.

Designer Tarik Ediz, the owner of the fashion house, supervises personally the process of manufacturing of the dresses, to guarantee the finest quality of each product, which is produced under his brand.

Unsurpassed couturier, he considers that the creation of costumes for women is not only his vocation, but also the sense of his life: "What could be better, than to give women happiness?"

His Dresses
Blue dress decorated with jewels

Luxury dresses which Tarik Ediz creates became the synonyms of femininity and elegance. Decorated with a scattering of jewels and refined embroidery, his dresses look like true works of art. Celebrities and secular people are among his fans. Elegant dresses are very popular among Hollywood actresses and music stars. You can always buy evening dresses and to be sure of their quality.

Dresses of wedding collections deserve especial attention. Though a great variety of choices, it is very difficult to buy a dress with a perfect cut, which emphasizes all the advantages of the body. Luckily, Tarik Ediz creates fabulous and diverse wedding collections taking into account preferences of the most demanding girls.

These festive dresses are famous with their unsurpassed elegance and are synonyms to luxury and charm. Become a star of the evening in the luxury dress from Tarik Ediz.

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