Friday, August 26, 2016

How to choose a dress. Tips for slender girls

Short height

If you are slender and of short height, you are very lucky dresses with empire waist make you more beautiful than your tall girl-friends.

Again, the vertical stripes help us. They make your body visually longer. The maxi length is also your specialty.

You can add your image with long scarves and necklaces, small or medium accessories also suit you. By the way, the fabric pattern shouldn't be large.

Tall height

If you are slender and of tall height, it is possible to balance everything with the help of a well-chosen dress. Refuse tight, form-fitting dresses; it is better to choose dresses with low waist. Dresses made of textured, printed fabrics, for example, jacquard, boucle would look nice with you body type.

You can wear bright large prints and contrast colors.

Another advantage of your body is that you can wear popular models of dresses, decorated with collars, ruches, flounces, and so forth.

It is desirable to choose knee boots; heel height should be no higher than the average, though more preferably short heels, or even flat shoes.

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