Tuesday, September 6, 2016

A Form-Fitting Dress: How and With What to Wear

Black off-the-shoulder form-fitting evening dress
A form-fitting dress appeared owing to the legendary Coco Chanel, who in the fullness of time presented the famous little black dress, form-fitting and characterized by sleeveless and round neckline. Form-fitting dress became a classic style and has gained popularity among the fashionistas of the world for years to come. It is today still does not hand over positions.

This strict dress can be worn as a business or cocktail attire. Its sleek design does not make it boring. Dresses of this model are produced in a variety of colors. Quiet pastels are perfect for work, and a bright, catchy color transforms even the most nondescript dress into a stylish work of design art and into a gorgeous evening dress.

In addition, choosing the right accessories to it, you can always look feminine and stylish. Thus, the elegant clutches will complement the image. Shoes are to be selected in the same tone – it is better to give preference to pumps, sandals or boots. The main rule - a high heel. Not bad in a duet with her dress, looks a platform sole footwear in combination with form-fitting dress. Belts are often worn with form-fitting dresses. This method highlights waist and visually emphasizes the hip line. In addition, popular belts are absolutely of different widths - narrow and wide.
Form-fitting evening dress

When choosing matching jewelry, it is better to give preference to pearls, if you decide to go to a social event or to give elegance to your image of a business woman in the office. For a party it is allowed to choose volumetric decorations or fashionable massive jewelry. To complement the image you can collect with the head band.

For cooler weather, you can pick a stylish jacket, blazer or cardigan. A form-fitted dress looks impeccably also in ensemble with a bolero or fur, silk or woolen stole. Very attractive look in the ensemble with the dress elegant and beautiful shawls, embroidered with sequins or rhinestones. To choose, with what to wear a form fitted dress, it is necessary to take into account the fabric it is made of.

And the most important - a form-fitted dress is designed for stylish girls. It is chosen by many stars and celebrities, considering this item a must in the wardrobe. If you get several of these dresses, learn how to choose accessories for them, stick to a particular style, and your image will always flawless. To succeed, you need to work. The taste will help you, as well as the sense of proportion and neatness.

And what about you? Do you like form-fitting dresses? Do you often wear them? What accessories do you wear with form-fitting dresses? Share your opinions in comments, I would love to read them!

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  1. Very nice tips for choosing form-fitting dresses. These dresses emphasises all the body advantages! Like those photos!