Monday, October 31, 2016

The Magic of the Black and White Combination. How to Buy Cocktail Dresses of Such Colors

Little black dress, little white dress ... - sometimes this pair (in small variations) ends up our long searches on "what to wear to a party." But very often - in most cases, when there are no specific plans and ideas for the festive outfit, we simply put on a black dress and that’s all. And what if interpreting black and white classics, not as a fallback, and as the only one, the most effective?

Phrases in everyday use like "beauty in simplicity", "all brilliant is simple" and "most important is in the trivial matters" do not even make us think - we are so used to them that automatically turn on deaf ears. But if you really think over about it and to listen to them more carefully, choose an outfit for a party, presentation or birthday will be several times faster and easier. Today, we just talk about the genius in its simplicity of monochrome black and white duo. The dilute them, how to make them a real sensation, and why black and white are the true colors, and all the rest are shades? Let’s go further :)

To my surprise (I also had not thought so concretely), most celebrities are not fans of bright accessories, custom-cut, large pieces and juicy shades. Celebrities are not abused with creativity, and their stylists as well, not to cause a wave of negativity in the media, do not give cause for jokes and ridicule, and, in the end, just not to go beyond what they do to a person. And experiments, in this case, do not belong here. Not everyone can be Rihanna and Lady Gaga, right? :) So, if you look carefully at the black and white outfits of famous actresses and other persons from the world of show business, there is a clear sense that their images they try to maintain at a very modest, and minimalist direction, without disturbing the harmony of unnecessary details.

One of the easiest additions to the image of the black and white style is a pair of colorful shoes. Of course, it is necessary to start from the style of the dresses - pumps shoes of fuchsia shade do not fit each and every dress, and somewhere golden sandals with thin straps would be much more appropriate, and somewhere - neutral shoes of flesh color. However, bright shoes should fit very well with the laconic cut. In this case, it is not necessarily to add the image with earrings, a bracelet or a handbag in the color of shoes - one emphasis will be enough.

Nothing decorates black-and-white cocktail dress, as a large decoration of yellow metal. I really like the wide necklace in the form of a massive chain, bracelets in a similar style and hefty earrings. As a rule, one golden detail of impressive size is enough so that the image has turned mellow and harmonious. That's why I love monochrome there is no need to mess with it, as with printed dresses, with black and white are always stylish!

Each black-and-white (or pure black) dress can easily be diluted with one very large accent. It can be a bright flower in the style of Sarah Jessica Parker (or Carrie Bradshaw?), A wide belt or brooch, which can be seen from afar - monochrome image will only win if you add to it one (!) sign element.

And finally, as banal as it may sound, but yes - red nail polish and red lipstick always come to the rescue, in all cases, with no exception, when it is necessary to come up with a smart image in 15 minutes, and there is nothing super-creative close at hand. Black-and-white dress, high heels, and red lipstick - it is a flawless formula at all times and for all occasions. By the way, you have already found your perfect shade of red lipstick? :) After all, it is not a secret that there are no two identical red lipsticks, and for every woman, for every shape of lips its own, the separate red lipstick :)

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  1. Black & white is definitely a classic. But my favorite kind is the unexpected ones like the second photo---very interesting and flattering on all shapes!!

    1. I like this dress too. It emphasizes the waistline