Thursday, August 18, 2016

Tips for plump girls when choosing a dress

How to hide your belly

If you are mostly upset with your belly, then choose dresses made of matte monochromatic fabric. Never use tinsels and shiny fabric. Your dress does not have to be black. You have to be careful with this color, by the way. Black color does not reflect the light; it does not hide, but quite the opposite, it highlights disadvantages. So if you want little black dress, choose the model that defines the contour of your body, but not repeats it in detail.
Black and white lace dress

By the way, if you have not only just plump belly, but also you are not very tall – there is a solution too. Your variant is brown or caramel dress. This color visually makes your body longer.

Clear contrast insets or prints also can conceal your belly.

Large breasts

Women have different attitudes to large breasts. Someone believes that this is a God's gift, someone feels shy, and choose models of dresses that hide their charms.

If you want to attract attention in your new gown, then choose plaid fabric, layering (for example, dresses with bolero or cape), decollete, horizontal seams on the chest ledge, and so on.

If you want to conceal this part of your body, you can choose dresses with no low neck (but there is no need to choose a dress with a collar till throat, especially, if you have double chin or your neck is short).

Full hips

Pear-shaped body, which is characterized by full hips - also has a variety of solutions. Briefly, they can be characterized as "white top, black bottom".
That is, the top of the dress should be lighter than the bottom. Appropriate color palette – from white through blue to dark blue, etc.
Dark blue dress with empire waist

Smoothly flowing and streaming fabrics would be very nice. Again to vertical stripes - they make you slimmer. 

Pockets are allowed only in the side seams, no patch-pockets. The best length is knee-length.

Top of the dress should be lighter, it can be abundantly decorated, for example, with bright accessories, while, skirt should be as smooth as possible and simple.

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