Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Dress as a source of feminine energy

At all times dresses were the link between the woman and the Earth - our basic element. That is why for any girl dresses are not just part of the wardrobe and the symbol, the trump card, and the element through which the beautiful half of humanity is always a winner. How to wear, how to combine, what are the trends?

Dear ladies, do you know which part of the female wardrobe is the most important?! Well, you would say, of course, the "little black dress". But why black? Why little? All of this does not matter: the value has only one thing - the dress itself. Let it be mini, midi or maxi, let it be black, red or multicolored - the main thing that you have it. The dress was, is and remains the most feminine type of clothing. In no other attire, girl attracts many enthusiastic, curious, and often envious glances, as in a well-chosen dress.

From time immemorial, nature has been laid tremendous energy in a woman. After all, as everyone knows, a man alone does not have the energy; he gets it through conductors - their beloved women. A woman-lover, a woman-mother, a woman-friend - all this colossal and continuous work that requires an incredible impact and it is still necessary to have a gorgeous look!

Well, now let's talk about the new trends of the dresses. Dresses, of course, are always in trend, so get ready to wear them often, and with dignity.

• The basic principles of femininity in the new season remain light and airy, which can be achieved by using chiffon, flowing fabrics. This model may be either the floor-length or the knee-length.

• Also popular models in the style of Marilyn Monroe they are perfectly feminine: an emphasis on the waistline pleated skirt and pastel colors.

• If you want to stand out or to attract the attention, it is better to choose bright colors: coral, cornflower, ultramarine. In no case, you should not give preference to black. Black suits to a very narrow circle of girls - the only type of "winter". This type of appearance includes pale skin, brown eyes, and dark hair. But the rest is to choose colorful shades.

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