Monday, October 24, 2016

What Is A Customization And Why It Is In Fashion

Why the service to personalize things is so popular and where to go to make your favorite jacket or bag special. Details are in this article.

What is a customization

In fact, customization (or personalization) - is tuning of a thing, its transformation. The subject of alteration can become some denim from a mass-market brand, and an old leather jacket that your mom wore in the 1980s, and jeans, which is about to tear, but a sense of nostalgia does not allow throwing them out. Also, the term "customization" considers items, created partly by you. This may be a scarf or bag, or shoes.

Customization in the form in which it exists today was born in the late 1970-ies. The ancestor of this tuning became hip-hop. Guys from certain areas of New York painted their denim jackets.

We live in a world littered with things. Trends, collections, and things themselves lost their seasonality a long time ago, the Latin saying «carpe diem» (seize the moment) is no more applicable to fashion. Jackboots in the summer and sea style in the winter are a contemporary reality. Even boring normcore implying basic things like simple jeans and t-shirts as they are from next to the house hypermarket is no longer something extraordinary. Designers offer hundreds of trends, mass-market carefully copy them, fashionistas all over the world look the same. Globalization, there's nothing to be done.

Meanwhile, the desire to stand out from the crowd has always been a human feature. Clothing, jewelry, and various details reported to surrounding a man's belonging to a particular class, and culture. Caesar had forbidden wearing the purple color to his subjects, saying that it was the color of the emperor, and Elizabeth I had made pearls of her own "dibs" and carefully monitored so that none of her environment was wearing larger or more expensive pearls are than those that were in her collection.

Emperors and queens were easy to identify "trends", but what about mere mortals? It is at the turn of the reluctance to look like everyone else, and the inability to buy something unique, and there appeared such a thing as a customization.

Where to go for customization

Many luxury brands have realized that the bag for a few thousand euros - is no longer such a unique thing. The brand Hermès has not decorated their legendary bags with embroideries and inscriptions on the customer’s demand, but Louis Vuitton, Ralph Lauren, Anya Hindmarch has long offered their customers the service of personalization. However, if we talk about Hermès, this brand provides a service for creating of your own unique shawl. British brand Burberry has also launched a customization service and began to embroider buyers’ initials on scarves for a few hundred pounds.

Today brands of an average price segment are increasingly offering the service of customization. Within the limits of various festivals and markets, Levi's regularly organizes corners, where people can decorate their denim things with embroidery for free or artfully make them look old. Podium Market made a customization as a major attraction last Vogue Fashion's Night Out. It is obvious that cheap brands cannot offer such services to their customers, but still keep pace and seasonally produce collection of bright patches, applications, and the icons, which are reasonably arranged in the denim sections.

Why customization is so popular today

Dress with embroidered waistline
Firstly, customization is an important part of the fashion 1970's and designers, and fashionistas are showing increased interest to this epoch today. And it is important to note that the fashion for the transformation of things does not refer to the obvious trends such as disco or spaghetti westerns and it is an example of the bright street fashion (another trend to which the mighty of the fashion world are not indifferent).

The ability to personalize the thing is a peculiar game of fashion designer that is available even to those whom nature has not endowed the ability to draw, cut or sew. No matter how popular the customization is and no matter how many people change their jackets, backpacks and bags, things will always be unique. One of the leaders of customization services is the brand Nike. On the sports brand site people can create their own shoes: choose the model, color, detail, add a gradient effect and complement the shoes with embroidery and generally the full monty. The likelihood that there in the world will be just the same model is negligible.

Moreover, in order to transform the thing, it is not necessary to go to a special office or contact the appropriate service: you can make your own embroidery or paint the thing with special textile colors. The most important thing is not to overdo it in the process of tuning. Painted jacket is cool, but painted jacket, jeans, shirt, and shoes in one image are an excess.

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  1. I think that's why I love being able to sew somewhat---then I can change up my garments and definitely make them fit better!

    1. Fancywork has been always my magic wand as well. Ability to create something on your own is a gift!