Monday, October 3, 2016

If It Is Really Necessary, But Extra Kilos Have Not Gone Away - 8 Things That Will Make You Visually 1-2 SIZE Slimmer!

We are all different. We have different weights, heights and body shapes. At the same time, any representative of the fair sex wants to become even slimmer and more beautiful. Of course, you need to work at self-improvement. But what about those who do not have time for this, because an important event is just on the point and extra weight did not disappear?
This selection will help you!

1. Wrap over Dress
This style appeared in the middle of the 20th century and was considered appropriate for home wear. Soon owners of magnificent forms realized how beneficial this style for their bodies is. And this dress stepped out into the street, and to the office, and even to the evening events.

V-shaped neck visually pulls the neck, with an emphasis on a beautiful neckline. A fold of wrap over can be distributed so as to cover the extra volumes. At the same time, wrap over dress is very comfortable and does not bind movements. This is a real boon for plump women!

2. The Fitted Jacket with Vertical Stitching
  Plain fitted jacket with just below the hips length will perfectly hide the extra volumes. Vertical stitching will pull the body visually. It is better to choose a model with laconic trim on one button, located below the chest and without the patch pockets.

3. Long Beads
They will elongate your silhouette; distract the attention from problem areas. If you choose the beads in several tiers, remember that the top should start pretty low. Plump women often have rather a short neck, and beads under the throat only will underline this disadvantage. If you are of a short height, you should not choose a model with large beads.

4. Flesh-Colored High-Heeled Shoes
They fit almost any outfit. There will be appropriate both at work and at an evening out. They will visually elongate your legs. But remember, the heel should not be thin. Stiletto heel will only emphasize your legs’ plumpness. Choose resistant variants.

5. The Elongated Cardigan
This cardigan can be combined with any clothes. It can be worn on the waistline, or caught with a beautiful brooch.

6. A Blouse with Diagonal Pattern
Here it is necessary to remember one secret: choosing a blouse, pay attention to the bottom of it does not come at the widest part of the hips.

7. Black Skirt with an Empire Waist
Select the model of the dense fabric. It will hide the tummy and accentuate the feminine proportions.

8. Shaping Lingerie
Of course do not forget about the underwear, created especially in order to cover the excess on the abdomen and thighs. Girls with very different types of bodies can always select such underwear. There is a great variety of colors and styles for every taste and any body shape!

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