Monday, October 10, 2016

History of evening dresses

For many centuries, the image of evening dress has undergone various changes. Now dress was respectable chic, now it possessed an elegant simplicity. At the beginning of the 20th century was dominated by the royal dress with a deep neckline and corset lacing. Such an "hourglass" dress as much as possible lifted and emphasized breasts, visually outlined the slender waist. In place of elegant dresses of princesses, soon came loose shirtdresses. In the 1920s, the elite beau monde followed the theatrical fashion; ladies were walking in tight knee-length dresses. And 1930s can be called a period of glamor and luxury, shiny satin dresses were at the peak of popularity, tailored on the bias, in combination with a diamond necklace and fur. Many fashion trends (fashions, styles, accessories) at the time forever preserved and are used in modern evening fashions.

Wartime has brought its changes in the fashion of evening dresses; the minimalist style of the 40s has developed due to lack of tissue. At that time became popular and hobble-skirts and short skirts.

In the 1950s again there was the fashion for feminine: lots of lush petticoats, wide belts, and modest standing closed-collars. This is how all the screen stars looked. In the 1960s, the mini comes with fashion and dresses gain the most daring colors with geometric patterns. A woman could easily wear a pantsuit for dinner. The extravagant 1970s dresses were full of color variety and more like carnival outfits. In the 1980s the luxury and vulgarity reign: "Gold" necklaces made of artificial stone, large plastic clips, dresses of silver and gold fabrics. The 1990s can be characterized as a return to retro-style: lace, ruffles, flounces and frills.

Now, designers believe that there are all the styles and trends in evening dresses fashion, complete mixing of the most actual fashion trends of all time. Choosing an evening dress reserves to its owner. Dress is able to amaze with its beauty and innocent modesty, or shock with the luxury and sexuality. The main thing - it must have its own charm.

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  1. These examples are quite beautiful!!
    The evening gowns are certainly an item that make women feel gorgeous---how could you not with that lovely fabric all around you?

    1. Thank you very much, Jodie! Agree with you completely!