Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Wedding Dress. History

Let’s first discuss the tradition. How did the tradition of white, floor-length, lush, and often with a crinoline, wedding dress appeared?

In the middle Ages and in the Renaissance the wedding dress color was often of solemn precious tones: lush scarlet, green and malachite, golden. Brides in pictures of Jan van Eyck, Rubens, Rembrandt are in such dresses.

White wedding dress became quite common in the era of the Empire style (the end of 18th - early 19th centuries.). But at that time White has not yet been the only color. It was one of the many bright colors of wedding dresses: blue, pink, ivory, lemon color. In February 1840, in London took place the wedding of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg. The bride was in white. Since then, the white color became a traditional wedding color, first in England and then in other countries.

 As for the styles of wedding dresses, they were in the fashion: in the 60-70s years. 19c. they were with crinoline, 90ies, with bustle, in the era of modern the flowing forms and, finally, often Art Deco geometric forms. Modern love to dresses with crinoline – that is, of course, a reflection of the impact that Dior had caused on the development of fashion of 20th and now 21st centuries. The fluffy skirt with crinoline in combination with a corset is a definite appeal to the forms of the mid-19th century. The new-look style was a certain interpretation of the fashion of that time.

 Lush floor-length white dresses with crinoline are now very popular among girls. When would such a dress be appropriate?

This dress: white long, and even with crinoline continues the tradition of the nobility, to be exact, the aristocratic culture. And like any culture, aristocratic culture imposes certain requirements to wear fashion, as well as to the environment, to the space in which this dress will exist.

White floor-length dress with a fluffy skirt creates undoubtedly grand, luxurious image. And when choosing a dress, it is necessary always to remember about a few extremely important points. Firstly, your external features, your character, demeanor, finally gait. Do not forget about the environment; your family in their usual, though, probably, their festive garments, whether they would be related to the style of your exclusively representational dress?

The place where it is planned to hold a wedding feast, whether it will be in harmony with your dress? These questions should help you to show your sense of style.

So, we can say that the dress is appropriate when it is close to the character, habits not only of the bride, but the groom, and even more, their relatives. And besides, it is important to choose properly the place of the wedding celebration.

What other stories, in addition to the traditions, can be embodied in a wedding? After all, a wedding or another celebration is an excellent opportunity to express the individuality.

Favorite movie, scenes of native and world history, such colorful characters as Mexican artist Frida - all this may encourage the creation of a certain wedding scenario. The main thing it should be associated with you, your hobbies, your surroundings, and your view of things that is your individuality.

If you like to go to museums, then this should be reflected at least in the choice of dinnerware for a wedding feast, and, of course, in a wedding dress. Maybe it will be with Rococo elements. Well, it is, of course, if your darling shares your hobbies. And the other one likes to drive a motorcycle - it can be the basis for other stories. A third cannot imagine his life without sports. Well, there is something to start.

National tradition immediately sets us in a series of similar, faceless celebrations, it gives your wedding a unique flavor, brings together different people with different tastes and preferences that will make the wedding especially mental. It is important to become aware of YOURSELF, your IDENTITY, that is, to find YOUR IMAGE. And in this, there is a great depth of meaning.

- And in general, how to choose the right dress?

It is YOUR life, YOUR habits, YOUR hobbies - that's what you need to remember when choosing a dress. Firstly, do not go too far in the quest to create a luxury image.
Luxury image means luxurious. The luxury - it is not just expensive. This is the age-old tradition of luxury.

Now I remembered the luxurious (and very expensive!), Fans of ostrich feathers, fashionable in the 20th-early 30th years of the 20th century, during the Art Deco. But how demanding the fans to its mistress. Posture, demeanor, and gait - everything mattered! And any manifestation of luxury instantly makes any noticeable discrepancy. And immediately turns into its opposite - in vulgarity. Be careful!

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