Monday, November 7, 2016

How to Create Your Own Style of Clothing?

Today, every woman strives to stand out, to be bright and individual. Very often it looks really ridiculous when having worn everything that was in the closet or wearing non-matching in colors clothes.

In order to find your own style, to develop a unique image, it is necessary to work hard, to read literature, to be interested in novelties. Many people start with, simply copying of images of famous people who are trying to pick up clothes for certain styles.

It is important to combine colors correctly. The image should contain no more than three-four colors; otherwise, you will look too brightly and defiantly. Several colors should be neutral, and one is a bright accent.

Working on your own style is very difficult and time-consuming process. Over time, you will understand what style of clothing suits you best, what styles should be chosen to emphasize the advantages of your body and hide disadvantages.

Here are a few tips to help you find your style of clothing:
• determine your body type. As is well known, every woman has a different style of the body: pear, hourglass, rectangle, and others. It will help you in the future to choose the appropriate clothing styles;
• examine yourself; think in what way you would like to appear on a particular event. Turn on your imagination, view images of famous people;
• define your type of appearance. This will help you to decide on the colors in clothes. Even with the help of color you can make an image bright and successful, but it is possible to spoil everything, highlighting the shortcomings or making unhealthy complexion;
• find "your own" thing that will be your highlight, and which will help to improve any of your images;
• follow fashion and novelties;
• do not be afraid to experiment. If you stick around the action, even the most daring experiments can be successful and will emphasize your individuality.

It is necessary also to divide the things on those that are suitable for work, and those that can be worn in everyday life.

Do not forget about the accessories that will turn even the most ordinary clothes into elegant and festive ones. But it also has its own rule when it is not necessary to put on everything you have. Everything should be balanced.

The main fashion law: if you are wearing a short dress, it should be high-necked as much as possible, and vice versa. In such a way your image will look reserved and not vulgar.

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  1. I do think it's important to experiment, because many times we think this is "me" only because we already wear it!
    I can't tell you how I've noticed that taking pictures of our outfits, really puts them in a different light! Some I like better than in person, and others worse!

    1. Yeah< experiments are essential, agree with you! Also I want to add that very often details make the difference. Different accessories can make dressy or casual looks to the same outfit!