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Fashionable Evening Dresses of 2017: Photos, Ideas, Styles

Today the pace of life is so intense that women often have no time to change before the parties or other events. This makes the evening dresses... even more desirable and popular. Shining in the light of lamps or candles the cloud of noble tissues becomes something of a dream. So, today I want you to have a tour of the dreams, or rather of fashionable evening dresses of 2017.

Styles of evening dresses

There is no such a style that would not be represented on the podium. In this light, fashionable evening dresses of 2017 are particularly attractive: whatever character you may possess, for whatever purpose or look outfit – you will definitely find the dress.

Long evening dresses of 2017 are and the models that are called the "ball", and the elegant, elongated silhouette with mermaid skirt, and asymmetrical lines, opening legs. This year, the actual deep cut on one side. It will be easy to find an evening dress with long sleeves. Delicate and slightly stricter, it will conquer those who are used to keep a distance.

Short evening dresses 2017 tend to be a straight silhouette, which at times diluted organic cascades. If you like the master like those in Paris Dress dresses that are slightly reminiscent of T-shirts (the surprise is that while it every year is a model in the spirit of Art Nouveau), rest your gaze at the collections of designers from Paris Dress.

Color variations

What color dresses are fashionable in 2017? Any, if there would be enough depth to enjoy the shades. Wine, carmine, blue, gold, turquoise, and emerald is extremely relevant will make the evening event a little like a flock of butterflies. Traditional colors: white and black, of course, do not leave the fashion world, but they will appear only in combinations. Monochromatic white or black dress - not where 2017 is rich. Rather, it will be embroidered form-fitted dress or shimmering midi. It is possible and to throw them together.


From impressions of beautiful evening dresses of 2017 literally, there was spread the radiance - so popular fabric with glitter. Relevant are both soft satin tint and numerous metallic shades. And 2017 is exactly the period of time when it is necessary to find for you a short dress made of dense lace. However, long lace dresses are also a common phenomenon.


Elegant evening dresses of 2017 are impossible to imagine without embroidery and sequins. Feathers and their imitation are in honor. Some peoples say that the birds have a peculiar magic, which makes their wings much more fascinating than the fur. Plus evidence in his favor will be the stylish evening dresses of 2017 from Paris Dress. For several seasons year by year, there were preserved three-dimensional fashion jewelry and volume cut.

Instead of a conclusion

If to take a superficial glance at models of evening dresses of 2017, it is evident that the main trend of the season is a rich duo of body and fabric. Not so important, whether it is embodied in the form of fully open shoulders or a sharp touch of lace surrounded by satin fabrics. The main thing is that this combination is fascinating and makes every little thing the small holiday of the day.

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