Wednesday, November 23, 2016

The Rules of Selection a Dress for a New Year’s Party

You should pay attention not only to the features of your body shape when choosing an evening dress for yourself. There are a number of nuances that can help in finding the perfect dress.

I selected for you a list of tips, following which, it is easy to become the queen of New Year's Eve Party:

1. The choice of dress starts from the format of the upcoming event. Evening dress is traditionally represented in a maxi length, but it is suitable not for every girl and appropriate not for every occasion. Dress Length should be in harmony with your constitution - this is the first. And the second - it depends on the venue of the celebration. For club party, it would be good to wear a cocktail dress instead of a long evening dress, which looks great, though but still brings tightness in the movements.

2. Do not choose pantsuits, even if in real life you do not recognize other clothing. Surprise surrounding with your new image filled entirely with new to you emotions. If you are not willing to put on a bold and even sexy dress, then there are plenty of romantic, sweet and feminine models.

3. Do not chase fashion trends. The first thing that must be taken into account is the features specific to your type of body shape.

4. The game of contrasts and variety of unusual colors often gives the most unpredictable and surprising results. Carefully examine your type of appearance - it will help to pick the color of the clothes regarding your hair color or eye color.

5. Observe restraint in creating the overall image and remember the sense of proportion. A bold and eccentric outfit should mitigate the more modest hairstyle, jewelry, and at least a plain makeup. For example, if your choice is a stunning and beautiful dress of noble red wine color, it will look good modestly hair styling and not a defiant makeup created from the general tone of your image.

Color and style

Length and style give the gown the great opportunities; this also applies to the color of your New Year’s evening dress. Both bright prints, and single colored model, the main thing is that the outfit to be to your liking.

No matter what anyone can say, but minimalism will never be out of fashion, including the evening fashion. These dresses can even be called universal when it comes to the selection of accessories.

Even the choice of material has no special requirements and there are no severe restrictions. Moreover, it is very fashionable to combine different texture of materials in one outfit. The most striking example is the satin and lace, and if they are different not only in texture but in color.

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  1. I think this is definitely one event where it's fun to go all out and be adventurous!!
    There are so many gorgeous dresses available---why not wear one?