Monday, November 21, 2016

Why It Is Better to Buy Only Branded Clothes

Today, the online stores offer a real branded item of clothing at almost the same price that the street market for mass consumer goods charges.

About the advantages of brand clothing as compared to mass consumer goods

Recently, by chance after visiting one of the markets, I was surprised to find there a huge number of people who went from stall to stall, choosing clothes or shoes for themselves. What are they looking for there? I came closer to one of the stalls, looked at the jacket the sticking out in all directions threads, the stitches are curved, half of the jacket whether because of rain or because of the sun is burnt, it had lost the color. But the price the seller has charged that much, when at the online store, you can buy a very good high-quality item of some famous brand that will surpass all positions the mass consumer goods is not clear where it was made and what is it made of.

After all, the brand is: 

The quality! Do I have to explain it? The item of high quality is very nice to wear, it excites the person’s positive emotions. Are you satisfied with himself and his clothes, put on her happy, and that's it?

The appearance. Never fake will not look like the real thing. A good jacket and a year later, and the two should look like so that it could go both to the high reception, and just work. And where to go wearing the lumber from the nearest market? If only to buy mushrooms, but you’ll get wet or blown through.

The recognition! The branded item is always profitable highlighted the person at the crowd and even without examining it closely it is possible to say that these clothes are from the famous Manufacturer. The color, design, tailoring – everything of the top level!

The status! Everyone wants to be recognized and respected in his circle, and on clothes, you know, make the man. Clothes and shoes emphasize your status, your success, and social status.

So why do you go to the market? A friend of mine says that it is cheaper on the market. I can buy a thing there, and if it loses its attraction to me, I can throw it away. But sticking threads I can cut. I do not understand, and here’s why...

We are not that rich to buy cheap things

The English have a wonderful proverb that quickly became popular all over the world - "we are not that rich to buy cheap things."  Items of high quality will last for a longer period of time and will look better than the mass consumer goods. And I am glad that more and more people are beginning to abandon the clothes and shoes that are sold in markets and bazaars, preferring to buy reliable brands in online and manufacturers' stores. The reason is the manufacturers of quality goods are doing everything to make their products were available at the price of the widest possible range of customers. And e-commerce development leads also to the fact that we can order clothes and shoes virtually from anywhere in the world, for example, in already mentioned England. Famous brands you can buy now through the Internet at much lower prices, often two to three times cheaper than it costs in ordinary shops.

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  1. What a great saying you've quoted!
    It is quite true, and I'm glad you have stated it!