Wednesday, November 2, 2016

4 Mistakes In Determining Your Type of Appearance

The type of appearance is a theme around which a lot of copies were broken. There is a huge amount of information, but to understand and define your color on your own is often difficult.

Here are some mistakes that often happen in the determination of the type of appearance:

Mistake #1:

The honorary first place takes a very widespread and firmly got accustomed myth that if you do not find your appearance in the description, then you are the summer. In fact, it is not true. This is facilitated by the erroneous beliefs that the fall is always a redhead with freckles and tans poorly; spring - always blond with light eyes, and winter - burning brunette with a snow-white skin. Therefore, all those who have not found themselves in similar descriptions, consider themselves to a summer type.

Seasonal method, in which all feature types are divided into 4 subtypes, discredited itself long ago - it is suitable for only 25% of people. Modern systems are based on the physical characteristics of colors, there are much larger numbers of subtypes, and therefore, there is the ideal palette for everyone.

In addition, warm appearance is often mistakenly considered as a cold one. In fact, any color has both warm and cool shades. The grayish light-brown shade of hair is often mistaken as a cold summer, as well as the blue eyes.

But this is a mistake #2:

We focus on the name of the color, rather than its "quality".

All tests to determine the type of appearance have a major drawback: colors, hidden behind beautiful names (olive, almond, chocolate) everyone imagines in their own way. It may be that you imagine a bitter chocolate and the author - a milk one. It is important to us to determine as precisely as possible the shade of color, its undertone: whether it is dark or light, warm or cold, bright or soft (muted).

It is not always easy to do it, especially when there is nothing to compare: you can consider your hair dark, though in fact, they are average in brightness, and vice versa. Skin undertone is also the easiest to see by comparing yourself with someone else.

In determining the type of appearance it is important to focus on the appropriate colors, and not on the impression of the exterior.
However, there are some nuances: it is a question of live comparing, otherwise, you risk to make

Mistake #3:

We compare ourselves with celebrities

When it comes to types of appearances, every nuance of color is important, so you should not be guided by the stars, no matter how you are similar to them. In addition, we often see them in images that are far from natural colors.

Add to that a little retouching, artificial light and color rendition of your monitor - and the risk to make a mistake increases rapidly. The main thing that you need to compare is how the different shades of color affect your appearance. Make the test with the tissues - this is the most accurate way of determining the type of appearance.

Mistake #4:

Incorrect interpretation of test results.

Very often we confuse "I like the color" and "color suits." Unfortunately, this is not the same thing. Suitable colors refer to the same range of colors as our natural colors and create harmonious, eye candy picture with them. They level the complexion, the skin gets a healthy color, and the eyes become brighter, facial contours become clearer.

When the shade does not suit us, the face may acquire a grayish, pale, or an unnatural shade, eyes can get lost, it is difficult to see their color, black eyes may appear, and a variety of skin imperfections. If you think that there is no difference, and it is difficult to track these changes in the mirror, try to see them in the photo - a "view from outside" will help to decide. If you still have doubts, then the best solution is to consult a professional stylist, because apart from the exact result you will get all the answers, and you will learn to use your palette.

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  1. Color is quite hard to determine at times, yet it can be so very important!!
    I know I hear so many women say they can't wear yellow---but it's just like any color. There are so many shades of it, that there is one that looks good on everyone!!

    1. Of course, it is necessary to try to pick the matching shade of the color to look fabulous!