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Cocktail dresses for stylish: the true elegance and sophistication

The cocktail dress is an ideal outfit for any occasion, from birthdays to weddings. Lightness, deliberate simplicity and the elegance of these outfits attract the attention of not only the owners but for all others.

In some cases, designers recommend sacrificing even the luxury of a long dress in favor of less respectable cocktail dress that will look the best of elegant and smart, but not cumbersome or defiantly.

Features cocktail dress style

 Cocktail dress type is perfect for all events taking place in the afternoon, from name-day parties to weddings. The simplicity of style and its undoubted convenience made such outfits popular with women of all ages, sizes, and preferences. It is this dress makes it easy to create light but festive image.

Important. The cocktail dress length should be strictly regulated: just above or just below the knee. This indicator distinguishes it from evening dress.

Foremost among cocktail dresses, styles are still the classic the form-fitted model beneficial emphasizes advantages of any body shape. A special feature of this dress is its versatility because depending on the color and cut some of the subtleties of this outfit are suitable for any event. The form-fitting dress is a required element of a basic wardrobe of stylish women.

Not less popular model with a flared skirt and rigorous top. Such dresses are suitable for women of all ages due to the peculiarities of the silhouette. A more modern version of this model is an asymmetrical dress with the lush skirt: on the fashion catwalks such products attract attention for its originality and non-trivial approach to classical forms.

Deep V-neck cocktail dress is a highlight of the universal model. For details of such designers pick a calmer bottom without complicated designs and simple fabrics. Focus on the neck and décolleté requires more restraint in the nudity and showing other parts of the body.

Fabrics and colors

Cocktail dresses are made of classic fabrics - from satin to silk. A special feature of these models is the frequent use of multiple versions of the material in a single product that allows you to create more complex and original dresses. Zest of cocktail dress is its versatility and elegance, born of a combination of intuitive cut, harmonious materials, and smart decoration.

Kinds of fabrics

Satin or silk cocktail dresses - choice of ladies seeking for luxury. This model looks most advantageously at the slim body with expressive shapes and curves that allow the fabric gently fall.
Brocade is used in such models is not so often, because it is, as well as taffeta, is considered to be too complex and hard fabric. If the cocktail dress is made of such a material, its style should be extremely simple and concise that attention was paid to the fabrics peculiarities.
Chiffon and organza are suitable fabrics for light and airy summer cocktail dresses. These fabrics are often used to create a fashionable in this season asymmetrical patterns with lots of frills and flounces: romantic images are still popular among girls.

Tip. It is important to remember that the ruffles and pleats of chiffon appropriate only within certain age: the creation of a design of pink organza unlikely to decorate the forty-year woman, even if she has a perfect body.

Lace in cocktail dresses should be used with extreme caution in order to not become an elegant model with vulgar undergarments. Traditionally, these fabrics are used as a supplement to satin or silk, less often - as the basis for a multi-layer body conscience silhouette.

When creating new collections of cocktail dresses designers are guided by the principle of moderateness and harmony: sophisticated styles need simple fabric and a minimum of decoration, the concise model can vary by more expressive fabrics and decorate with complex ruches, ruffles, embroidery or inserts of other fabrics.

The classic cocktail dress can be of any color - from laconic black to bright yellow, as are appropriate prints and drawings. In cold weather, dark colors more appropriate: deep blue, red and luxurious expressive auburn. In the summer it is possible to diversify the palette, adding bright and juicy tints of yellow, blue, pale green.

Choosing the perfect cocktail dress

Among the variety of cocktail dresses models, every woman can choose the perfect option for her, which will emphasize the advantages of her body and creates an especially festive and stylish image. To avoid mistakes, you should adhere to the following guidelines:

1. Destination. Corporate party, dinner party or opening fashion exhibitions - each one of these places require a dress suitable for the style and direction. Universal option - a little black cocktail dress, which is appropriate in every situation.

2. Season. Cocktail dresses are divided by seasons, so come for a summer party in luxurious taffeta dress is inappropriate, as well as to visit the Christmas dinner in flying chiffon dress with thin straps.

3. Simplicity. If you are not sure of your body or having doubts about the correct choice of accessories, in addition, you should give preference to the most concise and rigorous options - for example, the always appropriate form-fitting dress.

The cocktail dress is an important part of every woman's wardrobe. Dozens of reasons to “walk” the favorite dress will make you feel glamorous and attractive, and well-chosen style will make a woman a queen of this event.

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