Thursday, September 15, 2016

Bridesmaid Dresses - the best styles and colors

Wedding is the most awaited event for every girl. On this feast every detail is well-thought, so dresses for the bridesmaids deserve a special attention. Someone buys them, someone tailors them, but the main thing is to make the right choice, taking into account such peculiarities, as the style of wedding, types of friends’ bodies, and their preferences.

As decorations often choose small bunches of flowers, but in recent years wreaths made of natural flowers become increasingly popular.

So, I offer to discuss the best wedding ideas.
Red variant of bridesmaid dress

Possible dresses for bridesmaids

This year, renowned designers have created a huge amount of gorgeous evening dresses that are perfect for the bridesmaids.

Multi-colored versions of the same style

Fashionable bridesmaids’ dresses of different colors. Beautiful material will help to keep the style, emphasizing the individuality of each person.

Same color but different style

If women cannot opt for a style, offer them a beautiful material, from which they can make absolutely any option that will emphasize the charm of their bodies, hiding disadvantages.

Long styles
Turquoise bridesmaid dress

The floor-length dresses made of chiffon, satin, fine knitwear, lace and glazed cotton will be always popular, and in 2016-2017 stylists recommend to opt for garments in the "Provence" and "boho" style.

Short options

Beautiful legs owners like short cocktail dresses, when the celebration occurs for the warm season.


The following colors are popular in this season: turquoise, violet, purple, peach, pink, dark blue, yellow, lavender, emerald, burgundy, coral, blue, gray, red, orange, chocolate, brown, plum, gold, beige, pistachio, golden , raspberry, menthol. If you want to stand out, look for the outfit of such colors: purple, red, black, mint, marsala, white. A garment of gentle pastel tints of red, black, green, white, fuchsia tints are in trend of 2016-2017.

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