Tuesday, September 27, 2016

7 main rules of stylish people

Do not be afraid to stand out

Do not be afraid to be too elegant or too luxurious; do not delay beautiful outfits for better times, or for special occasions. Wear what you love and show yourself in full measure.

Saving can be on everything except for the shoes.

Collect a decent collection of shoes (from classics to sports). Every time wearing it, you will experience the sweet feeling of pride.

Love the laconic brevity

Simple combinations will help to look great for those who always feel the lack of time.

Always be yourself

The clothes should give you a sense of freedom and lightness.

Wear transparent

However, wearing transparent things requires rationality. Such blouses, tops or dresses combine with classic jackets.

Emphasize the waist

It's the best trick! The belt helps to present the body in the best form and will improve any image.

Forget about stereotypes

Wear unusual clothes, do not look back at the rules, do not follow trends, just enjoy yourself.

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