Friday, September 23, 2016

10 Inspiring Reasons to Love the Fall

Most people do not like the fall. We consider this time of year only with mud, rain, grayness, and cold. But it is necessary to reject this negativity and see how beautiful it is this time. So do not get depressed and experiencing fall creative crisis. Today I will tell you why the fall is the best time for inspiration.

1. Color Palette
The most obvious and the most controversial point. Of course, the golden-red carpet of leaves in many cities quickly turns into a muddy mess. And if this is your case, then you only need to turn your head up, and you will plunge into an abundance of warm and vibrant colors that trees delight us every fall. All this beauty cannot fail to inspire.

2. Romance
Fall is the most romantic time of the year whatever the appearances about spring. Summer heat is not particularly conducive to the wish of staying embracing in bed, or even walking, holding hands. The fall coolness is just created for a cuddle and tenderness. When the wind howled outside the window, you just want to cuddle up to a loved one, and to warm up a little in the cozy embrace. Look for inspiration in the warm romance. Then you do not have to contend with a creative stupor.

3. A valuable lesson from the fall
Each year, fall teaches us the one important truth - you need to appreciate what you have. As many as three months we were pampered by summer with hot sun and warmth, and what were we doing? Hid under air conditioners and whined about how hot it was outside? So here it is just to give a hint of fall about the coming winter cold, as heat ceases to seem a bad thing. Many even try to run away from the bad weather in the tropical countries. So, appreciate the warmth that we still have left.

4. Scrummies
It has to fall on the last and most bountiful harvest. This is the time when it is necessary to all the way recharge with vitamins and to relieve your feelings, after eating your favorite fruits and vegetables. After all, soon ripe and inexpensive gifts of nature will disappear from the counters, and unripe fruits and vegetables of dubious quality will replace, which are also would be pretty expensive.

5. Long Nights
Night - this is an unusual time of day. The most unusual and entertaining ideas come to mind exactly at night. We can grip an incredibly powerful inspiration during the night. There is something mysterious in the dark and calmness. Therefore, the night lovers just have to fall in love and the fall, as this time of year the nights are much longer. But even night-owls can sleep in the morning and do not hide their eyes from the bright sunlight.

6. Comfortable clothes
In the autumn, no one can laugh at you if you sit in front of a computer in the old warm pajamas with children's pattern. It was at this time of year we can wrap up in a warm sweater and enjoy its comfort and softness. The fall is the time for elegant coats and raincoats, favorite scarves and funny hats. Experiment with your wardrobe, add to it a couple of vivid details. Let your clothes inspire you.

7. Fall - time of books
It seems that the fall was made for reading. So I want to wrap myself up in a warm blanket, take a cup of something hot and dive into a good book. Reading lovers no longer need to come up with a reason to stay home. Bad weather – excuse for all occasions. And now you can easily delve into reading without worrying that you will once again distract.

8. Last gatherings around the bonfire
In the summer I want to stay as far away from the fire as possible. Fall fire helps companies to pull together, everyone clinging to one another, surround it, because of the cool weather. Treat yourself to a BBQ, fried bread on fire or baked potatoes, because you do not taste it for quite some time.

9. Pacification
After a tumultuous summer, you want to seclude yourself, to stay in a calm and peaceful atmosphere. Fall brings a little melancholy and a constructive mood which may well involve a long-awaited muse. Resist the peace of fall, watch what is happening around. Gain inspiration from the world around and pour it into your creative work.

10. The opportunity to be children
No one will askance at a man playing with autumn leaves. Somehow this childish is excusable at any age. So allow you to fully rustle foliage and feel like a kid. This helps to overcome a creative decline and greatly improve your mood. Halloween is celebrated in the fall. And this holiday is a great way to express you by creating an unusual costume. And having come to the party, you will see so many diverse and creative garments that simply will not be able to be in a state of creative crisis.

And what about you? Do you like this season of the year? What are your favorite fall activities?

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  1. Yes yes yes to fall, it's my favourite season. Love going for long walks and hikes in fall. Love, Kirsten


    1. Yeah, mine too. I love to cuddle into the blanket with hot tea and a ood book!