Friday, September 2, 2016

The working class: everything you need to know about jumpsuits

Let’s study this article of clothing on the examples of street-style, celebrities and new collections
To resist the comfort of jumpsuits is just impossible! No wonder this article of clothing came into fashion from working clothes – its fused cut really lets you do anything, almost without noticing what you're wearing. And if the convenience brought jumpsuits in a woman's wardrobe, the undisputed aesthetic qualities ensured it with a worthy place on the red carpet. We have compiled the newest and most interesting trends in fashion on the overalls - from bustier on celebrities to complicatedly cut models on street-style celebrities, from the podium to the range of online shops. Watch and plan, jumpsuit it is necessary to pick in the fall!


Jumpsuit with flower print

Jumpsuits with prints - is not the most unique thing. Dressed in a pattern from head to toe can afford only the most daring and confident woman. Still, when buying such a thing, a couple of rules are to be observed. Firstly, do not choose a suit with too intrusive and bright print - monochrome or blue-gray gamma will fit better. Secondly, you should immediately think, with what you will wear it. And if in summer you can just put on a jumpsuit over the naked body, then the fall will perforce have to come up with appropriate combinations. Wear it on the black turtleneck and match the appropriate color coat.


Classic of the American South, denim jumpsuit, every year is becoming more glamorous. Yes, it still is not forbidden to wear with sneakers and baseball caps, a simple T-shirt and a backpack. But the greatest effect it will produce with evening accessories - high heels, clutches and dramatic embellishments.


Bustier jumpsuit
Not surprisingly, that hybrid of the bustier dresses and jumpsuits became so popular on the red carpet

– it is as important for the celebrities to feel comfortable at festivals and premieres, as well as to demonstrate chiseled shoulders. The main secret of such jumpsuits is in succinctly highlighted bodice.


If jumpsuits-bustier on the celebrities seem rather modest, then jumpsuits, lavishly decorated with embroidery or sequins, completely create the most elegant image. Here again it is important not to overdo it - too active and colorful embroidery make this garment relevant only at the country festival. Therefore, it is always better to bet on the decor in the tissue tone.


White jumpsuits are like the white suits - they give elegance to almost any image. Note - even in combination with sneakers and sweatshirt this garment does not look like a sport one, but only more fashionable. With white jumpsuits it is allowed to wear things with active prints, and to pick bright accessories. The merits are enormous, except for one – you have to take care of it as carefully as for any white thing.


Is it a jumpsuit or still a top with pants? Celebrities love to introduce all the confusion, choosing clothes with an optical illusion for the red carpet. Jumpsuits, visually separated into parts, are not deprived of comfort, but look much more elegant - rather like a cocktail dress than a derivative of utilitarian forms.


Jumpsuits, which designers offer us to wear in the new season, are closer to the city and everyday fashion than to the evening gowns. These leather or jersey jumpsuits, with zippers, straps and large belts and industrial decor.


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