Tuesday, September 13, 2016

I and H body types

Outfits for "slender rectangle" and "full rectangle" body types. They are sometimes also called I-type or H-type or "slender column" and "full column".

In fact, the slender rectangle - is the body type of most of the models. This is a very convenient type of body, because clothes can help to build practically any silhouette. Perhaps that is why it reigns on the podium, because it allows for designers to realize their ideas. Besides, in this type of body, the waist is usually not very pronounced. And to put the clothing is more convenient than having more curved body forms.

It would seem that the model shape of the body – you can wear what you want. But there are options of clothing, which worsen the proportions and spoil the overall look.

A rectangle-shaped body may not be suitable dresses with waist. It depends of course on the particular dresses: fabrics, tissue density assembly and so on. But often, these dresses make the girl seem bigger than she actually is.

And of course, it is necessary to treat carefully to the cut, which elongates the torso, emphasizing its squareness.

However, I personally at my last statement do not seem an absolute rule. While it is generally believed that we need to build the right proportions, close to the slender hourglass, but the figure of the "rectangle" is very popular and many people like it. Many other types of women can aspire to it in particular. And that means that the girl herself with a similar body can assume that emphasizing the "squareness" is a kind of trick. Here's how with the dresses and clothes in general - someone may like this way, but someone seem too angular and straight. In general, I advise you on this issue to build on your own aesthetic preferences.

If you still want to do from the "rectangle" more feminine shape with smooth lines - with this task perfectly copes dresses with drapes, for example.

To emphasize the waist line will help cutting tailoring or optical illusion based on contrasting colors.

But be careful: emphasizing the waistline, we should not make this zone too broad. Otherwise, we’ll get the effect of the opposite.

For the "slender rectangle" almost always suit multilayer clothes.

Here's how I would have dressed the girl with such a body.

In the case of the figure of the H-type (full column or a full rectangle) works with virtually all rules that apply to slender ones. The only thing is to pay more attention to – the waist line. Sometimes this type of girls tends to gain weight just in this area.

And then straight silhouettes and multi-sets will be salvation.

Waistline can be successfully masked with worn outside blouses and tops, if deposits are found in this area. A fitted jacket will create the appearance of a waist.

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