Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Cocktail dress

Today I want to examine almost universal type of dresses - a cocktail dress.
Cocktail dress – there will be many occasions to wear it. First of all, what is a cocktail dress and where it came from? This concept appeared in the 1920s in the United States. Harsh years during the
Prohibition forbade alcohol and partying with drinks, or so-called cocktail parties, held in private homes or "underground" establishments. They needed elegant clothes, but less formal and not as luxurious as evening dress. Then a cocktail dress was born: rather short, just cover the knees, sewn according to the latest fashion trends of expensive but not magnificent fabrics. Wearing such a dress it was possible to dance the trendy Charleston, go back home in the morning, throwing a top coat, so as not to attract attention, and, if necessary, run away from the police. That is a cocktail dress is a smart dress with length just above or below the knee (although now there are also could be longer ones), less grandiose than the evening, but different from the everyday dress.

On what occasion to wear. Modern cocktail dresses are very diverse. They can be worn at a big theatrical premiere, wedding, various parties, a dinner at a restaurant, stand-up parties, club events, etc.

What combination. As for the jewelry – you can wear precious jewelry, but not too much and not pompous. Expensive bijouterie is also allowed. Small handbag and elegant shoes with heels, a cocktail dress can be worn with elegant boots and the appropriate party with a touch of bohemian, some unexpected creative boots. As a cocktail gown can be used all the same little black dress, which in some cases can be combined with elegant classic boots.

Do not wear for "cocktail" events long evening dress, do not wear a cocktail little black dress with dense (opaque) black tights.

Events with a special dress code - costume balls, masquerades, parties with any theme requiring special entourage in clothes. Interesting for original clothing is suitable for the occasion. There may be even very extravagant evening options.

What combination. Depending on what you put on.

Do not wear a lot of jewelry, if you have an elaborate outfit.
Do not dress up in formal clothes.

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