Thursday, September 8, 2016

5 Tips How to Prepare for the Prom

Very soon in the seniors’ lives there will be the most pleasant and long-expected time. And what is the most important for girl on the threshold of the senior prom? Of course, to choose the perfect image and beautiful gown to feel like a queen of the party and to make this event unforgettable.
Variants of prom dresses

The prom gown can be different: everything depends on the taste and fantasy of the possessor. The Paris Dress Trade mark had prepared its collection of images for prom. For the classic cocktail dresses lovers there is a collection of such dresses, and their personal variant of the legendary little black dress – elegant, emphasizes the refined taste of the owner. Whatever you choose, remember, that even the simplest cut dress can become festive attire due to correctly chosen accessories.  

For those who prefer for state receptions luxurious and long dresses just like famous actresses – the collection of light and streamy long dresses
Gorgeous yellow dress

And for the desert – 5 important tips that will help you look fascinating at the prom party.


Select one stunning piece of jewelry that will emphasize your image and stay on it. If you have a catchy necklace, limit with classically restrained earrings. And to large earrings do not buy any jewelry on the neck. And remember an important rule: if you jewellery is made of metal - they must combine!


Your bag should be exactly sized to fit your phone, mirror, powder and lip gloss. And it is not necessarily to fit the tone of at least some part of your outfit. Your handbag - it's your personality!


To keep your hairdo all the festive night, you need necessarily to style your hair with foam, and then to fix everything with hairspray, you can use hairspray with spangles. Curls – is a classic win-win, and also braids are still in trend; they can be twirled both all over the head and on the sides. The perfect variant - if you have time to rehearse your hairdo before a few days before the Day X.


Highlight one of two things: eyes or lips. If you have decided to highlight lips, you need to make them most colorful: red, dark pink and burgundy tints are perfect for prom. And stay away from the brown tones - because you are too young. If you decided to focus on the eyes, do not be afraid to resort to the entire arsenal of tools: eyeliner, eye shadow, mascara and even false eyelashes. In this case, lipstick or lip gloss should be of light natural tint.

The photo.

Photo is the guarantee of your success for years to come. When taking pictures, do not forget about 3 things:

  • before you take pictures, be sure to touch up the lips in front of a mirror;
  • powder the shiny areas of the face (forehead, chin and nose);
  • when posturing, expose one foot slightly ahead - so you look even slimmer. all the stars on the red carpet do in such a way.

Here, perhaps, all the secrets. And remember: the most powerful weapon and the most fashionable accent - is your happy radiant smile.

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