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In this article I decided to focus on the practical application. Namely - to split colors into groups depending on how they are suitable for different complexions, as well as draft for you some tips - what tints (may already be available in your wardrobe), they can be combined.

Before you read any further, I remind: we are talking about the complexion: there is nothing stopping you to wear green trousers or a skirt, even if there is no such a color in your  complexion.

Just be careful with very bright colors, they just might spoil the image, even when presenting in the form of bags or shoes.

And now - go ahead!
Warm, subdued (low-contrast), dark color ( "Autumn") - as a rule, brown-haired and brunette with a warm skin and without sharp contrasts.

Red is in almost every fashion season, it's true. But the fact is that there are the nuances and shades.

When last year the crimson-red color stood in high esteem, then this year designers use mainly warm tint - blood red, not too bright, but allowing to stand out in a crowd.

It is not necessary to reinvent the wheel and to invent complicated combinations: add two pale related tints (possible contrast to the red) - and done.

Warm tints of green began its expansion in the stylish Olympus back at summer fashion shows - and now only have increased their influence. We cannot say that we haven’t worn them before - but then they were mostly used in military style.

Now this tint stands out everywhere: from the sports bombers to cocktail dresses.

It is already possible to work out at the tinting: this color goes well with cold (for example, with gray and blue range) and with warm ranges. And with both at once.

The cold, contrast, dark color ( "Winter") - often dark hair, light skin, expressive blue or green eyes.

Purple has expanded its expansion, started a couple of seasons ago, yet, but championship of the showiness it contests the lush fuchsia and soft lilac, which we will discuss when we get to summer complexion.

Rich berry range supports also wine color.

If you’ve hid your belongings after last year's hysteria with Marsala, now is the time to get them back.

This season is rich with tints of green - the "winters" also have their own.

Designers dimmed the brightness of the emerald and the young grass that delighted us in the summer, and now offer us to wear dramatic dark tones.

Warm, contrast, light complexion ("Spring") – blond, red or brown hair, bright lips and eyes, the skin with a warm midtone.

Rich colors, typical for this color in autumn are usually not held in high esteem. Neither orange nor juicy green or pink or blue...

But you can "borrow" fuchsia (the one that is closer to pink, not purple), and even try mustard yellow - it is just at its peak.

Cold, low-contrast, bright complexion ("Summer") - blond hair, with gray midtone, as well as skin, pale blue or green eyes.

Firstly, gray constricts again beige in the fight for the right to be the main basic color of the season. As usual, on the podium, you can see a wide range of shades from very light to graphite, but the most relevant is the so-called shark fin color - a non-uniform tint of medium intensity.

Secondly, pastel is still relevant - though this is its last season, as it seems. Mostly blue color (the familiar Serenity), pink is often used with a dash of gray, rather than white, but designers are moving away from a romantic reading of the scale and create more stringent or sports things.

But pastel is with us, and it's cool that it can be easily combined with black and gray, which we so often choose in the cold season.

However, the new colors are also added. About lilac I have already said – it is quite suddenly burst onto the podium (the unexpected, it is still autumn-winter fashion shows).

And designers strongly refuse to treat it only as a gentle color for girls' dresses: there were enough trouser suits, and sweaters and duck-down jackets.

And finally - another green (I told), and more precisely, its most delicate tints. As for me, this is a good way to stand out: very few people choose such a range in the fall (and generally in life), and it looks unusual and beautiful.

Of course, if we are not speaking about the cargo pants (it's just mundane), but about the pleated skirt, for example, or even about a classic coat.

All complexions
It is hard to fit to your wardrobe with a bright blue color, so popular in the last seasons; it doesn’t suit to everyone and cannot be combined to everything.

With the tints of blue, which became popular this fall - deep, dark, little lukewarm – everything is much easier. They can be combined with any type (tested more than once by tests of colors of different girls) and easily replace the black and gray in the everyday wardrobe, making it more interesting.

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